The notorious Generation Z is currently in focus. Until recently, it was all about the Millenials, but now the attention of marketers, employers and generation researchers is focused on the next generation.


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As a reminder, here once again are the current generations:

Traditionals: between 1922 and 1955
Babyboomer: born beginning/mid 1950s to mid 1960s, first post-war generation, marked by the economic miracle.
Generation X: born between 1965 and 1980, also known as “Generation Golf”, marked by the economic crisis and the rising divorce rate.
Generation Y (Millennials): born between 1980 and 1990, also known as “Gen Y”, marked by the Internet boom and globalization.
Generation Z: born from the early 1990s, also known as “Generation YouTube”, marked by digitalization.
As an Influencer advertising agency, Adfluencer specializes primarily in Generation Z, of which we ourselves are a major part. That’s why we know Gen Z so well and know how you can best reach them!

Features of Generation Z – “Generation YouTube

We have collected the most important features of Generation Z here. Of course, it is always a bit problematic to generalize. The whole thing should therefore serve primarily as a general reference point for understanding Generation Z. As always and everywhere, exceptions confirm the rule.

Health awareness

Influencer Marketing in Adfluencer: How to reach Generation Z


More and more working people suffer from widespread diseases. For those born after 1990, however, the situation is noticeably better. Because Gen Z pays more attention to their own health. They eat a healthy diet, sleep longer, and keep their work and private lives separate. A study conducted by the University of Saarland showed that 63 percent of Gen Zers are interested in a healthy diet, 57 percent in cooking for themselves and 66 percent in generally environmentally conscious behavior. The consumption of alcohol (17 percent) and cigarettes (12 percent) does not seem to play a major role for this generation. The people of Zl prefer to be active and 82 percent of the girls and 90 percent of the boys do sport regularly. Gen Zler also sleep more than other generations, averaging 7.26 hours during the week and 8.38 hours at weekends. 53 percent even take a regular midday nap.

The dark side of this issue is a certain superficiality that can be blamed on Generation Z. Mas’s motto seems to be: slim, fit, flawless. Accordingly, the ideal of beauty propagated in films, on television and in magazines has a strong influence on this generation and many girls are worried about their appearance. About two thirds watch shows like “Germany’s Next Topmodel” and you can always find statements and questions like

Can I ever become that beautiful?

Is the distance between my thighs correct?

How can I lose weight


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One’s own body perception is usually negative, calories are counted, diets are tried out, and not infrequently, all this leads to serious eating disorders in the end.

Dealing with stress

It is particularly striking that Generation Z deals with its time differently than the famous Millenials – Generation Y. The tendency is to use time as effectively as possible and thus avoid stress. Interestingly, this can be seen, for example, in the use of the smartphone. Although 91 percent use their smartphone daily to access the Internet, they are only active in social networks for one or two hours a day (81 percent). 55 percent even only access the Internet for up to one hour. Apparently, information technologies and social media have a functional value for the Z generation. Being constantly available – that stresses the people of Z, especially when the boss calls.

Little interest in social life as a whole


Generation Z has rather little interest in changing the life of society as a whole. However, according to experts, what at first glance appears to be self-serving can achieve even more than the demonstrations of the 1968 movement. For although there is no socio-political blueprint behind the behaviour of Gen Zler, the buzz of individual behaviour nevertheless changes society.

Generation Z concentrates entirely on itself and is otherwise rather uninvolved. Some experts speak of a “Pippi Longstocking World”, which the Gen Zler are striving for: A small house, security, structure, friends, tranquility. The motto seems to be “feel good”, Serviceh in the private and in the working area. A socio-political mission, which includes improvements for other social classes, is not on top of the list of priorities for most Gen Zler, apart from exceptions such as Greta Thunberg. The Zler have experienced financial, economic, European and climate crises. They have no socio-political illusions.

Readiness to perform

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In contrast to the Millenials, the Gen Zler want a clear separation of work and private life. However, they go Serviceh ways and do their best. After all, it has now been sufficiently proven that not the one who works 16 hours a day is more productive. Moreover, someone who has worked the whole weekend as a workaholic is not necessarily more creative on Mondays than someone who has really recovered and relaxed on the weekend and then shows up in the office on Monday with élan. Gen Z is therefore absolutely not a zero-buck generation, but rather a person who is willing to perform. However, preference is clearly given to professions that match one’s own passion, at least 82 percent of those surveyed state this.

The downside here – especially for companies looking for new blood – is that Generation Zler are quite inflexible when it comes to working conditions. Very few people want to work abroad for a long time. 71 percent refuse to work in an open-plan office. Permanent commuting meets with rejection just as much as flexible working hours. The Gen Zler are not prepared to engage in work-life blending, as is quite accepted and desired at the Millenials, for example. They want a clear separation and an intrusion of the profession into the private sphere is rejected. This includes overtime, emails at the weekend, calls or messages from the boss after the agreed working hours, etc. Although this is irritating for employers at first, in the long run the whole thing is quite positive because the dreaded burn-out and constant sick leave due to work-related complaints are eliminated. In the end, the clear separation also increases productivity, because the work is done quickly – within the agreed working hours.

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The people of Zlern are also accused of a certain comfort when it comes to the career ladder. Apparently, very few people want to overexert themselves and only two percent are looking for the pressure to perform. Likewise, only two percent are prepared to work overtime on a regular basis. More than half (52 percent) would like to be employed and only 39 percent see themselves as managers or executives in the future. Social advancement does not seem to be important either and only eleven percent say they want to achieve more than their parents. Even being in the limelight is only aspired to by four percent. For 76 percent, starting a family plays an important role in life and the wish is for a successful combination of family and career (82 percent).

Social Media Use of the Gen Z

10879 Influencer Marketing in Adfluencer: How to reach Generation Z


Generation Z is the first completely digital generation, i.e. they actually grew up with the Internet, social media and smartphones. Other generations first had to learn how to use them. As a result, usage is practically intuitive and apps for all possible areas of life are absolutely indispensable for Gen Z.

When it comes to social media, Gen Zers are of course familiar with all of them, but they have clear preferences. For example, Facebook is considered a channel for parents and one Gen Zler stated in an interview that his generation uses Facebook only to check when their parents’ birthdays are. However, this seems a bit exaggerated, as Facebook is also used according to a survey. More popular among younger generations are clearly Instagram and Snapchat, where a lot of content can be seen in a short time.

YouTube is particularly high on the popularity scale for Generation Z, which is why Generation Z is often called Generation YouTube.

In a survey, Defy Media asked 1,452 young people between the ages of 13 and 20 about their social media usage. 95% of the young people surveyed use YouTube and 50% can no longer imagine life without YouTube. This is perhaps a bit exaggerated, but it shows the importance of YouTube at Gen Z.

Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat are almost on a par, but well behind YouTube. The typical mix is: Snapchat for friends, Facebook for messages and YouTube for entertainment.

In the survey, Snapchat is at the top with 35% in terms of communication with friends, ahead of Facebook and Instagram. In marketing, Snapchat is often only rated on the basis of (lower) reach. However, it is forgotten that the app is so popular because it is used for private communication with friends. By the way, this was also the original idea and function of Facebook. However, this has clearly changed and now Facebook Messenger and other channels such as WhatsApp are used for private communication.

But Facebook is also used by teenagers for the consumption of current news and together with YouTube is on top of the list.

When it comes to shopping tips and product recommendations, YouTube is clearly ahead. Second place is held by Instagram. Instagram is also clearly ahead of Facebook when it comes to influencers’ activities. For Generation Z, it is important that the products on Instagram are perfectly presented.

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Successful influencers have quickly recognized the preferences of Generation Z and choose these two channels as their preferred medium.

Generation Z, for example, clearly prefers YouTube videos over television and Netflix. Product recommendations in particular, but also explanatory videos are at the forefront of the young viewers’ favour.

Beeinflusser und Generation Z


For Generation Z, social media channels are clearly linked to their most popular influencers. Gen Zler typically follow several influencers in different subject areas. The classics fashion & beauty, gaming, music, sports, computers and technology are of course popular, but of course there are also plenty of more specific niches, depending on personal preferences and interests.

Gen Z and Influencer Marketing is a match made in heaven. Almost two thirds say they follow them and 50% say they trust their recommendations. They not only like influencers, they want to be themselves. Since Gen Z constantly uses social media, is comfortable with influencers and cares about the social context of their products, it is obvious that influencer marketing is THE way to reach Gen Z.

The most popular platforms are:

In this short video app all trends start
A streaming platform for e-gaming
A source for new music and popular podcasts
Stories, Finstas and Memes
Old but worth its weight in gold, Gen Z uses YouTube for entertainment and education

Interconnectivity defines gene Z influencer. This means that on TikTok there is game content in circulation, Instagram Influencer launch podcasts, check YouTubers memes, etc. Smart brands will use this for cross-platform campaigns.

To know which influencer will benefit your audience the most, you need to be well informed about the generation in general and your target audience in particular. By the way, the age of the influencer does not necessarily have to be the same as the age of the target audience. A precise target group analysis and a profound knowledge of the preferred social media channels and influencers of these are therefore extremely important.

So if you want to reach Generation Z with marketing efforts, there is no way around influencers and you should secure the services of a good influencer marketing agency. We at are very familiar with Generation Z and would be happy to help you with your influencer marketing campaign!