Influencer marketing is an important part of online marketing and belongs in practically every promising social media mix.

Many people ask themselves what are the advantages of hiring an influencer marketing agency and which aspects are particularly important. We tell you why this is a good idea and how we at can help you and your online marketing strategy with skillful influencer advertising.


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What exactly is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a relatively new word, but the concept of influencer marketing is anything but new. Because influencers have been used in advertising for ages, they just weren’t called influencers. In principle, influencers are simply opinion leaders, e.g. experts, well-known journalists, stars, celebrities, etc. They should convince of a brand and focus on the respective target group. A Teen Music Star will therefore naturally have a positive influence on teenagers and be able to win them over for a certain product or brand. An aging, very popular showmaster may appeal to a particularly feminine and a somewhat aging audience, while the star in the crossfit sky appeals to dynamic athletes and can easily advertise nutritional supplements and sports drinks. However, it’s not about produced commercials that can be recognized as such, but about the fact that the person actually uses the product, or at least makes it look like it. This makes the whole thing much more credible and natural. The idea behind it is simple. Products that the idol uses automatically appear attractive to us and we would then like to try them out for ourselves. That’s why experts are especially popular, because here the whole thing takes on a much more serious look.

Influencer marketing has really taken off with the advent and widespread use of social media. It uses the reach of popular and well-known influencers to promote a particular brand or company. It is not only important to get the brand, product or company into the conversation, but also to keep it there. Because those who are not mentioned in social media today and have no presence, practically do not exist for the customers.

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Why hire an influencer marketing agency?

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In influencer marketing it is particularly important to define your target group, know them well and then identify the right influencer. Accordingly, agencies have formed that specialize in this new form of marketing – so-called influencer marketing agencies.

These agencies – such as – advise customers and develop special influencer marketing campaigns via channels such as Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, TikTok or other social networks and support them.

The most important thing is of course the selection of the appropriate influencer. However, one should not make the mistake of only paying attention to the number of followers. Maybe not all followers are your own target group and you shoot at sparrows with cannons. So an influencer with fewer followers, but who all belong to your target group, may be the better choice.

In addition, there are also black sheep among influencers, who will do almost anything for money, have a dubious reputation and can possibly do more harm than good to a brand. In short, choosing the right influencer is almost an art and it takes experience and in-depth knowledge on the part of the influencer marketing agency to find the right option. As a company, it is usually a time-consuming and nerve-wracking task and very rarely successful. So it is better to rely on a competent professional.

Besides it does not only go in the selection of the Influencer, but the agency compiles a conclusive Influencer advertising concept and converts this then skillfully. This includes the correct social media mix, i.e. a combination of different channels such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. Each channel has its own special characteristics, which you need to know in order to use them skillfully for your own marketing strategy.

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The influencers can be found via special platforms. In addition, there are direct relationships, which a good agency naturally also lovingly builds and cultivates and from which the customers can then benefit. A lasting relationship with certain influencers is typically a guarantee of credibility and above all sustainability.

Our special field – Generation Z


20488 That is why we founded Adfluencer - We help companies to understand & reach today's Generation Z



The most important thing in influencer marketing is the correct definition of the target group and a thorough and well-founded knowledge of exactly this target group. Our specialty is Gen Z – that is Generation Z.

As a reminder here again roughly the present generations:

Lost Generation, Greatest Generation, Silent Generation: first half of the 20th century
Baby Boomers: 50s and 60s
Generation X: late 60s and early 80s
Generation Y: 80s and 90s (Millennials)
Generation Z: late 90s and 00s
Perhaps some people are now wondering what exactly makes up Gen Z. Generations are always the result of the social, political and technical circumstances of their time. In the case of Gen Z, the members of this generation were born into a world in which the Internet and a large number of sophisticated digital devices exist. This distinguishes them from all other generations. For they had to explore and understand these aspects and technological achievements themselves. They grew up with the network, smartphone and online services and do not have to question, accept or understand them as something new. Time and again you hear the sentence: “Today’s children are born with a completely different chip”. Nowadays, even the smallest of kids pick up a smartphone and intuitively get along with it. Accordingly, the way of communicating and finding information is completely different from that of previous generations and is met with incomprehension, mistrust and criticism, not least among these. Someone from Gen Z can and wants to make a living without social media. However, you also need to know which social media. Facebook, for example, is on the downward spiral in Gen Z, as they prefer Instagram Snapchat, TikTok and the like.

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So to reach Gen Z, companies need an agency that is familiar with this generation, its habits, requirements, needs and dreams.

Therefore we have founded

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This is the reason why we founded – because we are real specialists in this age group and can advise our customers in a competent, committed and motivated way.

We are young ourselves and therefore close enough to Gen Z to understand it and to put our customers’ products, brands and companies in the right light.  We find the perfect influencer to reach the Gen Z target group and above all to keep the interest alive.

Contact us, we will tell you more about us and our services and help you to create and implement a suitable influencer marketing strategy!