Times change and so does the market with all it's requirements and demands. Trends come and go, that's nothing new. The trendsetters themselves often don't change and stay relevant after the trends are already long forgotten.Relevance is the name of the game in this article.

Times change and so does the market with all it’s requirements and demands. Trends come and go, that’s nothing new. The trendsetters themselves often don’t change and stay relevant after the trends are already long forgotten.
Relevance is the name of the game in this article. In order to establish a new product, service or even a whole new brand one needs a steady growth in recognition and also a need for it.

To grow brand recognition, advertising is principally the exclusive way. As a fact it’s true that a customer will more likely buy a product, that’s already known. So if there are already ads on TV, radio and all over the internet – yeah, there is also some level of brand recognition which improves the odds.

Sadly a true need is not created this way. You may already offer the most stylish, useful product with the best quality that could take the world by storm but it’s way too easy to get overshadowed these days. You maybe recognize this from cult classics that were overshadowed by blockbuster movies, no matter how great and timeless those underappreciated films were.

How can you improve the odds for not being overshadowed by something? What can you do to make sure everyone looks at your product, service or company?
Influencer marketing is THE way to go for the modern business person to promote something on a relateable and believable level. In the past, celebrities were the only trendsetters, today things have changed. Now, in the age of the internet, internet celebrities – social media influencers – are the true trendsetters.

People are able to reach out to each other to share and discuss their opinions. This way people can look up independent reviews for free. Social media makes product comparisons fun and entertaining.
A band is only tangible at a concert and via their music. Actors are only tangible through going to the movies or watching paid streams. But social media influencers are always tangible as their content is free for everyone and everyone can interact with their idols. Just follow or subscribe and you are always up to date and you can even interact live. Because of this, social influencers are always more approachable than actors or pop stars.

Social media creates the new generation of idols and as you know, fans love to get inspired by their idols. From styling over catchphrases to their favorite beverage – idols shape the world around them. It’s simple: a fan is totally after it’s idol, so everything that impresses the idol will also impress the fan. That’s where social influencer marketing comes in. Without the burden of being just another irritating poster or ad, the social influencer can get to the potential customer and shape the opinion.

The social influencer offers different kinds of advertising partnerships. Some examples are links in the video description, showing an item passive (wearing a shirt or watch) or active (reviewing or unboxing it) or doing a shout-out or giveaway. You can be as in-your-face as you want in social influencer marketing. This way the potential customer gets into contact with the promoted item on a more personal and with that more effective level than with classic advertising.

What should also be kept in mind is the cost of social influencer marketing. The choice of the influencer makes sure that the effective reach is as big as possible. If we want to promote a beauty article, we will get better response rates if we only work with beauty&styling influencers as we will only promote to our target group. It’s more direct, more effective and in the end it’s also cheaper. Of course you can’t pay a YouTuber with more the four million subscribers only with pocket money, but in the end it will be cheaper than the usual ways of advertising.
As the new profession “social influencer” is still new and exciting, from time to time even

controversially, one can’t deny how effective it’s in the world of advertising. We are convinced that companies will feel the same after their first experience with social influencer marketing.






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