Wow, now we're getting started! Of course we „have“ to say that AdFluencer is your best bet in influencer marketing – but facts are facts. But what actually are those facts?

Wow, now we’re getting started! Of course we „have“ to say that AdFluencer is your best bet in influencer marketing – but facts are facts. But what actually are those facts?

AdFluencer is open.
Numbers are great, with them you can keep track of worth and progress. But that’s not always the case. With numbers alone, be it followers, likes or comments, you won’t always be able to recognize a rising social media star. Numbers won’t show you the perfect influencer for your product either. Lots of agencies have a minimum of followers, that the influencer has to have. If said influencer can’t reach this minimum, he won’t get a chance to prove himself. No matter how high quality the content or how fast this influencers reach would grow in the next months.
AdFluencer has an open door for everyone, because we are convinced that you should listen to your inner voice from time to time. And of course, it’s best to get bigger together, right?

AdFluencer offers transparency.
There is way more than just a handful of companies that focus on influencer marketing, just like ourselves. These companies and agencies show off with big names from both sides. On the front pages you find well known names, be it companies or influencers. The most companies stop there. What exactly they offer and how the whole process works, can only be seen and accessed after registration or even a meeting in person. And which influencers are on board and what exactly they offer is often times only hard to get behind.
AdFluencer offers advertisers a complete overview of all registered influencers without the need of an account. Detailed descriptions and articles like this one help advertisers and influencers with their decisions and growth. This is our take on transparency in this business.

AdFluencer is project-friendly.
Of course, it’s comfortable to hire a person, that looks up and contacts suitable influencers. But that’s not only expensive, also lots of talented people might remain unseen. That’s not only a pity for your company, but also harmful smaller influencers.
On AdFluencer you can comfortably find the suitable influencer for every project. Even before registration! Just browse and look around freely and register in a matter of seconds if you’ve found what you’ve been looking for. Quickly tell the influencer your plans and wishes for your advertising campaign and the creative work can begin! Easy, custom made and no following costs. And if there’s something that went wrong: Don’t worry, we’ve got your back with our money-back- guarantee!

AdFluencer has got them all.
You already know it from normal web browsing: No matter where, you always have to register. It seems like everybody wants to have your data. It has become a bit more comfortable with the possibility to link social media accounts with other websites. That means that you can use your Google account to register an account for more and more websites. Still, there is the problem that you have to switch between websites and services for different things. We don’t want you to face the same problem in influencer marketing too. That’s why we cover every important social media community. Twitter, Instagram or YouTube, we have got them all!






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