Four ways on how to get money from tiktokAs time progresses, more people are interested in Tiktok to start earning money. Many people are interested in creating a Tiktok career early on and capitalizing on all their interests on the platform. Here are five simple ways in which you can start earning money on Tiktok:



Selling accounts:

Although not the easiest, this method is quite simple. Like the title suggests, the point is to grow Tiktok accounts and then sell them to buyers. Tiktok caters to a lot of niches. You can find almost any type of content creator on Tiktok, be it fashion, cars, sports, or skincare. Growing and selling accounts method is more prevalent in the eCommerce space on Tiktok.


Like many other social networking sites, Tiktok also works on getting followers, views, and likes. In other words, they look for engagement. Tiktok users can decide on a niche topic they are interested in and start creating content associated with the niche. Ideally, users post quality videos consistently to earn market visibility. These videos aim to use trendy ideas, music, and effects that can go viral.


Four ways on how to get money from tiktok

In this way, a user can grow their account and grow their audience base. When they have reached a certain number of followers, brands and businesses start to reach out to them for sponsored content. This is because many brands would like to sponsor pages that are associated with their products and services. They also choose profiles that have a lot of following or those that have a great engagement rate. This is so that they get the most out of their audience reach.

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After gathering a decent number of followers, the page owners can reach out to brands in line with their niche and sell their profiles to advertise the brand’s products and services. This is excellent news for those businesses selling products because they can promote their items to a large audience at once. The more followers you have, the more you will get paid by these brands to advertise their products on your page.


Live stream sales

Similarly, the brand can also sponsor the content creator to advertise their products on their Tiktok Live. This means that the profile user is selling the brand’s items when they are live streaming. One way that people are selling products is through TikTok Live. Users can also hold live auctions for the products they are advertising. They leave the link to the business on their bios, and viewers can click on the link to go to the business page.



Some Tiktok users go to the Livestream and collect donations from their viewers. All Tiktok users can go to their accounts and purchase coins. One hundred coins cost you about $1.39. If any content creator you follow on Tiktok goes live, you can donate these coins to them. This is done to thank the creator for their effort in bringing you quality content. The creator can turn all the coins they get from these live streams into diamonds. These diamonds are then converted into real cash through other third-party apps like PayPal.

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Similarly, on the Chinese version of TikTok, Douyin, content creators can attach a shopping cart to advertising products. You can even hold an auction for people to buy your products when you are live streaming through this feature.


Managing influencer campaigns

When you work as a manager for influencer campaigns, it serves influencers like influencer agencies. In this sense, you are the middleman between a brand and a Tiktok user/influencer. This means that you are the connection between the brand and the influencer they want to work with.


As a manager of this campaign, you are in charge of creating the agreement or the contract for Serviceh parties. You are also tasked with the work of making sure that all the terms and conditions are met.


For this managing job, you can ask for a fee from Serviceh parties and run such campaigns. You can run more than one campaign at once and earn double the money. The one downside to this method is that you have to pay Tiktok a certain percentage of money for working as a broker.

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Using the Tiktok ads platform

You can easily Google “TikTok ads” and sign up to their ads platform. This will grant you access to their ads platform, and you can run ads on Tiktok. This is an excellent way of getting your brand name out into the world for those who are also single business owners. You have to spend a little bit of money to create and run ads, but you also have the chance of earning twofold of what you send through their ads platform.