It's a sign of progress and a bit like the American Dream: everybody has the opportunity to make it on social media. You want to know the secrets behind it? Read our article!

It’s a sign of progress and a bit like the American Dream: everybody has the opportunity to make it on social media. Many people, most of all elderly, don’t think too positive about this idea and even question if you can call being a social influencer a job. One should better get “a real job” they say. Of course you should not bet on it that you can make enough money for a lifetime on social media. It’s never wrong to have education, training or to study something for your future job. But no one should deny the rise of social media influencers and their role in modern society. It’s a new kind of job, which is yet hard to categorize.

So yeah, social media influencer IS a job but don’t go quitting your job now. There is more to it than just registering a few accounts.
Just like every self-employment, the start is rough and needs will and endurance. You can find out more about how to become a social influencer in our article “How to become a social influencer: Let’s make you a social media star!”

Alright, let’s fast forward a bit. You get new followers on a daily and your workload as a social influencer rises more and more. Sponsoring, affiliate links, crowdfunding and more already gives you a solid monthly income. By the way, we wrote an article about this topic too.
At a certain reach and success in social media it can really make sense to take the brave step into self-employment. If you earn more with social media, than you do with your main job and if you just can’t keep up with the workload otherwise – yeah, you can make money with your hobby! People often don’t think much off social influencers. They think that they just were lucky and that they would earn money from doing nothing. What those people don’t know is how much work it really is to offer high quality content on a regular. A social media influencer (who does it as the main job!) also has to work eight hours or more per day. Also they have to take all the risks of self- employment: no easy days off, not being able to produce while being sick and of course the risk of loosing followers and with it parts of the monthly income.

It’s always important to plan ahead! You should always prepare enough content to be able to take a few days off. Don’t forget: It’s YOUR job, you live YOUR dream – you have to work for it!
To cut a long story short, yes it IS possible to make a living from being a social influencer but there is no need to rush. Just keep on working on your goals!

Have a clear mind, focus and just take your time – you get there eventually. And even though you sometimes have to take a risk, it’s often times better to sleep about it a few nights.
Alright, now take the first step! Get your first advertising partner on AdFluencer and enjoy your path to self-employment.


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