There are tons of servers (up to 7 million) on the discord app and some of them are immensely popular among gamers and other communities. Let us now see which one among them is the biggest discord server and what are the reasons for its growth and success. See here how to open discord.

Biggest Discord Server :

On discord, users can find servers related to every topic such as studying, gaming, music, anime, and so on. The most trending and biggest discord server of 2022 is a gaming server and it is very popular among the gamers community on the app. The server is known as Official Fortnite and it is a highly active and famous server among young gaming enthusiasts. See the top five best Fortnite discord servers here.

Official Fortnite :

This server has over 0.8 million members on its site. Usually, public servers on the app can be joined by visiting a website like Disboard. If you can’t find this one there, you can simply search for them in the explore public servers part on discord.

biggest discord server

Official Fortnite is nothing but the official Discord for the game called Fortnite. It’s one of the best royal games than can be played in 2022. Epic Games has an official server for Fortnite. It’s one of the most trending servers for players who want to enjoy free-to-play royale battles. Group members based on region, game mode, and platform can also be found here with the help of various channels on this server.

For people who are more interested in discussing various things related to Battle Royale, Save the World, and Homebase, there is another set of channels on this server for them. There is also an active moderation team that helps in making the gamers’ experience on this website smooth and secure. So if you are a big fan of Fortnite, you should join its official discord at once and I am sure you will have a great experience!

Let us also take a look at the other Fortnite servers other than this official one. They are also very popular nowadays and can be played once by gamers to decide which one suits them the best.

G2 Atlantis :

This one is a Fortnite server to play scrim matches. A scrim match refers to a trial or practice game that is played with the other regular or professional players before a serious game. This server has over 240,000 members and for EU regions and North America, there are separate servers. Yunite bot is applied here for verifications and players need to send friend requests to the Yunite 17 Fortnite account to join. As the verification gets completed, you will have access to this server and can start joining those scrim matches mentioned above to boost up your gameplay before the big game.

Elite Customs :

As for scrim matches, this server is one of the most popular servers available on discord. Any gamer from any corner of the world can join the scrim matches here to play with players having similar gaming skills. These matches are organised regularly here and there are also other interesting tournaments and cash rewards available for winners.

To join this server, you will need to link your Epic Games account with the Yunite bot. You have to open Fortnite and send a friend request to Yunite 16. Next, you will have to find a six-figure code that will be shown under Yunite’s name in your list of friends. Copy the code and send it to Yunite bot’s inbox directly as a message. This whole process helps in maintaining the good quality of the server and reduces the chances of spam accounts.

biggest discord server

East Open :

This server is also very famous among players who find new friends here to play and discuss the game with. It has more than 290,000 members and here too the Yunite bot is used for verification just like the other two mentioned servers above. Like G2, Yunite 17 account is used here. Players can go through the message channel for chatting with fellow gamers after joining the server.

If you want to find a teammate for play, you can look in the looking-for-players channel. In other channels, you may find trio, duo, or even solo scrim practice game announcements.

TK Fortnite :

In this server, players do not need to use the Yunite bot to link their Epic Games accounts to join the server. More than 100,000 people are members here and you can find different channels where you can play various games with other members. These games include an arena and casual matches, box fights, zone wars, build fights, and so on.

Though it was mentioned above that this server doesn’t need the Yunite bot, here’s the catch! Players will still need to go through the process of verifying by adding Yunite 12 accounts only if they want to play in tournaments. If you are disinterested in such matches, you can simply browse the rest of the server to find casual games of your choice. For this, you can find teammates by clicking on looking for group button in the server.

Kungarna East Scrims :

This server is targeted to advanced players and players must have participated in 100 matches to even join the server! Over 210,000 members are here and players can find many interesting tournaments and ladder games to play. Duo and solo queue matches can be played with other members. Here also the verification is done by the Yunite bot with the Yunite 16 account.

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