Yes, you read that right! People can now easily share their screens on discord on their cellphones to show friends what they are up to. Whether you’re drawing, gaming, or watching YouTube shorts, you don’t have to do that alone while relaxing on your bed with the headsets on. You can share your screen on discord to help your folks see what’s there on your screen and chat with them simultaneously.

Discord has been in the app market for more than six years. It’s an app through which people can chat with each other and they can also use it as a medium to teach, study or connect with other gamers around the world to coordinate their games. Now let’s jump to the part where the process of can you stream on discord mobile is discussed in great detail.

can you stream on discord mobile
Steps to show how can you stream on discord mobile:

Although many people in the world can stream vividly through discord mobile, there are certain limitations that shun many users from using the app in a full-fledged way. The limitations are of various types such as,

  1. App Restrictions: A few apps do not support audio sharing on smartphones (Android) and certain apps permit neither audio nor video sharing. Two such applications are Netflix and Spotify which have their separate security policies and thus these two apps are not yet on the list of other available apps.
  2. Devices: Most Android devices support screen sharing through this app except a particular model of Xiaomi devices. This feature is currently unavailable for that specific MIUI operating system and it’s presently unknown if it’ll be available in the future.
  3. Operating Systems: Screen sharing is available from Android 5 and above and one must have Android 10 or above to avail of the audio sharing feature. Past versions of Android operating systems are not permitted to use audio sharing.
  4. Servers: Video permission must be given within the server in order to see the option of screen sharing there. If the user doesn’t have that permission for his/her role, the server owners are to be contacted to allow the permission to the video.
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How to share screen:

Users have to be connected to a speaker in order to share their screens. They can be in a one-to-one chat, a group chat, or connected through voice only.

  • If it’s a voice chat, one has to swipe up his/her mobile screen from the Servicetom to see the screen sharing option.
  • If the user’s in a video chat, the user will be able to see the screen sharing option at the Servicetom row. (The mentioned screen sharing options are only available for Androids. The process for iPhones will be discussed in a later article.)

The user will have to swipe the screen from the Servicetom to make the voice or video option available otherwise. They can then choose the screen sharing from the menu.

If you want to know about this whole screen sharing or streaming process through an audio-visual, you can see how to stream on discord mobile.

As the user presses the screen-sharing icon, he/she will see a system message showing if the user is ready to share the screen, just like we see in the Meet app. After pressing “start now”, there will be a 3-second countdown, and then finally the screen will be shared. A message confirming this will also be shown on screen. The user can switch from messaging to video chat anytime he/she likes!

How to stop screen sharing:

The user can stop sharing his/her screen by following a few simple steps:

  • They need to press the “stop sharing” option on the chat screen.
  • Else, they can click on the speaker or video control button at the Servicetom.
  • Besides these two options, the user can press the “stop streaming” in the notification panel of his/her mobile phone.
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How to control streaming settings:

Users will be able to control the volume of the stream by swiping up from the Servicetom of the screen while watching the screen shared by their friends or acquaintances.

can you stream on discord mobile

How to watch another person’s stream:

If any user is connected to his/her friend or any acquaintances in voice call and that friend starts to stream, the user will get a notification to watch that stream. The user can then easily press the “join stream” button and enjoy the friend’s gaming or any other stream. A total of 51 people (including the host) can watch the stream at the same time. If there are multiple people sharing their screens, the user will be able to switch among them by using the “watch stream” option on another person’s stream.

Tips before streaming:

  • Firstly, close all the other tabs on your android prior to the start of a streaming session.
  • Turn off the app notifications on your phone or switch to “do not disturb” mode if you don’t want anyone to see the notifications on your phone while sharing the screen.
  • Be very cautious about what you are sharing on the screen with your friends because there might be sensitive and private information on your device that you may be unwilling to share with anyone present at that moment. If you have such information unprotected in the device, especially in the photo album, you may have to come across verification before sharing anything. You can use apps like hiding Files – Andrognito, PhotoGuard, etc. to protect your personal data.
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