Discord is no longer a platform exclusive to gamers. It has now diversified and branched out, making it a platform for everyone with similar interests to come together. If you are looking for ways to create cool discord servers, we have got your back.

When it comes to creating new servers, most users are worried about the complications involved in the process. However, in reality, the process is a lot less complicated than you make it out to be. All you have to do is ensure that you have the right steps in place.

This guide will explore more about the steps involved in creating fun, cool and aesthetic discord servers from scratch.

cool discord servers

  1. Start with the channel name

Before you create a server, the first step is to finalize a name for the server. This isn’t even a last-minute option you can keep to the side. Instead, we’d recommend that you finalize good channel names that align with the subject or discussions in the channel.

Also, try to keep the server name simple and catchy so the channel members don’t have a hard time remembering it.

  1. Add Kaomoji

Okay, when creating cool discord serversthis is an absolute must. More than the fun and quirky factor, kaomoji are popular for adding aesthetic factors to your discord server. There are several sites from where you can copy and paste the kaomoji and then add it to your server.

There are different types available. You have heart, sparkles and so many different options available that you can consider looking into. Based on your aesthetic and the vibe, you can pick a kaomoji that fits the best. Celestial emojis are also quite a fun addition.

  1. Add dedicated channels
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When creating a discord server, you have to be mindful of the channels. To be fair, there are no servers without dedicated channels, especially if you want to popularize them. Choosing the niches for the specific channels doesn’t have to be complicated at all.

You can go ahead and sort out the channels based on music, kpop bands, foods, travel-related, fandom-related and so much more. Once you decide what the server is going to be about, it becomes a lot easier for the users to pick which kinds of channels they want to include on their server.

Sometimes, you’d have to go above and beyond by creating dedicated channels that cater to every niche of members in the server. If you are creating a music-related server, try to include channels that address the individual interests of the users.

  1. Spruce up using gradients

If you have used Tumblr before, you’d know how easy it is to use gradients in your profiles to spruce up the look of your profile. You can leverage that technique to your discord server too. It is part of the cool discord servers and adds to the overall aesthetic of the server that you are creating. Instead of using solid and bland colors, you get to play around with gradients and implement the one that looks the best.

Also, several background generators are available for free on the internet. You can easily make use of those for the best layout of your server.

As for the gradient options, there are quite a few to choose from. You have the staple pastel shades, pinks, and greens that can spruce up the aesthetics and allow you to maximize the user experience of the members on your server.

  1. Assign role colors
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When you set up a discord server, you’d have to set up roles in each server as well. These are important and a necessity to accentuate the importance of the server. Instead of going for the traditional look and route, you can make use of assigned role colors for individual roles.

There are several types of discord role ideas that you can look into. Idealizing your choices is very important because then you can organize the server and ensure everything goes around smoothly.

If you want to make the roles look and feel very cool, fun, and quirky, you can add solid or vibrant colors to the mix. Also, you can further spruce up the appearance by choosing role colors aligned to your server’s aesthetic.

cool discord servers

  1. Create a server you know about

Starting a server on a topic that you don’t enjoy will only take you so far. It will make the whole process a lot more complicated and very challenging to create and regulate. Instead, what we’d recommend doing is creating a discord server on a topic that you genuinely enjoy.

Instead of falling prey to the trends, start a server you’d actively partake in. Knowing about the topic of discussion also makes it easier to choose the channel members. This rule outs complication about the issues surrounding which members you want to add and which ones you don’t.

As a server creator, you have a lot of responsibilities, especially concerning safety and privacy, so keep that in check too.

Discord servers are gaining rapid traction. So, if you are considering creating one, we’d recommend you follow some of the tips mentioned in this guide. Instead of rushing through the process and doing things half-heartedly, take your time. Assess what’s right and what isn’t before you finalize the server, dedicate the roles and start sharing things actively through the server.

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