There are a few reasons behind discord connection issues. If you open the app and see it stuck on connecting, it may occur due to some technical errors from the discord’s end. Having said that, it isn’t necessarily always discord’s fault and sometimes your computer or mobile device can also be the problem. Let us find out all the potential causes of discord connection issues. See here how many servers are there in discord.

• Reasons for Bad Connection :

discord connection issues

  1. Traffic: As mentioned previously, there can be technical glitches in the app itself, such as high volumes of traffic.
  2. Firewall or DNS: Your firewall, network or DNS settings may cause problems in the smooth running of the app. There can also be a temporary issue sometimes which can be fixed by simply restarting the app.
  3. Date and Time: The date and time settings on your device may be mismatched and this can also make discord stuck in the process of connecting.
  4. Router or Internet: Poor connection to the internet or router can also cause problems in the app’s connection.
  5. Virus: Discord can also stop working if your device’s system is corrupted with any kind of malware or viruses. Discord connection issues.

Besides this, custom Internet settings and corrupted data of the app can also cause connection errors in it.

• How to Fix Connection Issues :

You may come across connection problems on your Windows 11 PC while you are at a vital point in a game. That will surely cause frustration and you may try to fix the issue as soon as possible. So here are some basic tips for you to follow to restore the connection in the app. We assure you they will be most helpful at the times when you need them the most. So let’s discuss below what steps to take when you can’t connect discord on your computer or laptop.

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  1. Restarting: The most basic and simple way to fix connection issues for any app or website is to restart your computer. Restart the app first and then try restarting the modem and router. Next, you may uninstall the app and reinstall it and by now your problem may get fixed. If not, just shut down the laptop or PC and give it a five-minute rest. After turning it on, if discord still shows a connectivity problem, you have to follow the other remedies that are to be mentioned below. Discord connection issues.
  2. Malware test: As mentioned earlier, your device may be affected by the virus, and to be sure of it, you have to run a malware test on all your folders, files, and software. Download the Malwarebytes app on your device, install it and run it. Next, you have to open the app and tap run scan on the main screen of the app. Wait for a bit as the scan gets completed and shows you the result. If you find any malware there, quarantine or sandbox it and restart the device. You may try other methods if the issue still remains.
  3. Changing Region: If you find discord having frequent connection issues, you should try to change the region of operation on the specific server, given that you’re an admin of it. You can find the option of server settings next to the option of server region selection there. Choose a suitable alternative region there and save the changes and try to connect again. Voice channel and connectivity issues are solved positively by users in this way.
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Let us also see how discord issues can be fixed on your mobile device. Click to see five solutions to fix discord connection issues.

  1. Update: Some people enable the auto-update feature for all the apps on their mobile phones. If you’re someone who doesn’t because it takes up the phone’s storage, you need to manually update the app. Open the app store or play store (for iOS and Android users respectively) and check for new updates. Older versions of the app often show glitches and even bar the app from opening. After updating, try to run discord again, and hopefully, it will be fine.

discord connection issues


  1. Uninstall: App files can get corrupted on phones too. One of the causes of this problem may be that an important file got corrupted on your device which is now stopping discord from running. In such a case, you can uninstall discord from the device and install it again by following the process mentioned above. Next, try to open it again and you should get your connection back this time. Discord connection issues.
  2. Online Methods: If both these techniques fail to restore connection on the app and you are unable to even read a message there, it is possible that the app itself has got issues on its side. You can look online and ask for help or find people who are having the same issues with the app as you. If there are numerous other users facing the same problems, you just need to wait. The technical team of the app must be already trying to fix the glitch and the connection will be restored very soon.
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Thus, you should calmly try all the necessary measures if your app starts working or facing connection issues instead of panicking or worrying. Just like any other app, the system of discord may sometimes crash too due to an overload of usage. You should wait a bit and the problem will definitely be fixed as soon as it can be.