Discord is a popular chatting platform that was kickstarted for gamers and soon diversified as a platform for multiple users. Users can leverage the platform to play games, stream and even listen to different genres of music. However, if you are facing issues on the platform that you want to report, the discord support number comes in handy.


What started as a very close-knit platform with groups and verified members has now diversified and become global. So, with so many different users on the platform, don’t be surprised if you run into complications. 

With Discord, there could be several issues that you experience – right from the Nitro subscription to the issues concerning other users, there could be a lot. Ideally, we’d recommend that you directly contact Discord’s support team to resolve the issue.

discord support number

This post will walk you through all the details about ways you can reach out to Discord support and get your issue resolved in no time at all.

How to Reach Discord Support using Request Form?

Although there is a lot of talk surrounding the discord support numberbe assured that Discord doesn’t have telephonic customer support.

So, the next best option would be to submit a request to Discord to record all the issues that you are experiencing. When you are filling out a request form, we’d recommend that you have sensible reasons for it. Some of the common grievances include Services in the servers, refund or billing issues, software bugs, etc. 

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Ideally, before you submit a request form, we’d recommend that you reach out to Discord directly via their email support at [email protected]

If that doesn’t work out, you can then move ahead to the request form. 

  • Open the request form from Discord’s official website.
  • Once you are in there, under “Submit a request”, choose the option that you want to raise an issue about.
  • You have to then enter your email address for verification, along with the subject line and the message you wish to share. 
  • Once you are satisfied with the answer, you can then click on Submit. 

Discord typically reverts within 24-48 hours, so you’d have to patiently wait until then.

Discord Support via Twitter

Not just Discord, but several different apps, and services have their customer support set up on Twitter. Ideally, that’s the easiest mode of contact and allows you to rule out every complicated issue that you might be experiencing.

Here’s what you can do to directly reach out via Twitter:

  • Open Twitter on your mobile or desktop application
  • Search for Discord’s official Twitter page and click on it
  • Generate a new tweet addressed to Discord and type in the issue that you are facing. If there are billings or refund issues, you can ask them to take the issue over via direct messages.
  • Once you are happy with the tweet, click Tweet.

Depending on your issue and the availability of the customer support agent, you will be contacted accordingly and your issue will be resolved.

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How to reach Discord Developer support?

discord support number

Using a discord support number to directly contact the developer support is not as complicated as it looks. Not just the users, but even the developers can send in their queries and support requests.

This can be done via a request form like it is available for the users.

We’d recommend going to Discord’s help center via their official website.

The only downside to this is the lack of executives for these specific kinds of queries. You’d either have to wait longer to get a detailed answer to your issue or you’d not get specific resolutions for your queries.

For developer support, you should only reach out if you are experiencing technical issues on the platform. If that isn’t the case, you won’t get the desired resolutions that you are likely looking for. 

Can I use community forums on Discord to resolve an issue?

Thankfully, if you aren’t getting the resolution from Discord directly, you can easily seek help from the different community forums to get the answer that you are looking for. 

Crowd-sourced query resolving is a lot more common than you think, especially on such a community-driven platform as Discord.

What you have to do is open your Discord profile on your desktop and then go to the forum homepage. Once there, you then have to type in the query you are facing in the search bar.

Once you click on Enter, you will be redirected to the Discord channels that discuss the issues you are facing. To get a quicker resolution to your query, you can click on New Post and then type your post title and message there.

Depending on the individual posts, people can reach out to you and provide you with the right kind of resolution that you are looking for. Ideally, we’d recommend that you focus on checking all the answers that you receive so you have a better understanding of what’s wrong and how you can fix it.

The lack of availability of discord support numbers is a big downside to the platform’s support system. However, there are several ways you can bypass the shortcoming and get the resolution that you are looking for. This article should give you all the inputs that you need. In case of further complications, Discord has a live chat feature where you can get rapid and quicker AI-bot-based answers.