Each day we use multiple apps both on phones and on the computer. Some of these apps are free while others are chargeable. Do you have to pay for the discord? Are you aware of this answer? Read here and know about it. Read on!

Introducing discord

By now, the entire gaming community is well familiar with the discord app, due to its immense popularity. This web-based app for communication offers chat services to gamers while they are gaming. This app also comes with a host of features with it. When Jason Citron and Stanislav Vishnevskiy released the app for the first time in 2015, the app soon became immensely popular amongst gamers within a very short time frame.

Both the co-founders had experience working in the video gaming industry and so they were looking to create a gaming app that would be a better communication tool. So, this is how the app has come into existence and as they wanted it to be, it turned out to be the same, making sense to gamers around the world. Here using this app, the gamers shall be able to make voice chats and video chats. They shall be able to send private texts too and participate in communities, which otherwise are known as servers, across the platform.

In all these years after its release, discord kept gaining popularity amidst the gaming community across the world. And this has evolved this gaming support too into an expanded service for people who are looking forward to chatting or perhaps joining the online community or servers. Users can also begin their personal servers or community. They even can invite other users to join their community. Each server supports the users in setting up channels, based on specific topics. This helps the users belonging to each server, to amalgamate along with others on issues that they love discussing.

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do you have to pay for discord

Do you have to pay for the discord?

This app is absolutely free to join. In addition to that, has no limits for its messages, unlike most apps. It is totally free to use and gives you full control over history, communities, messages, and a host of multiple things other than that. Even you are allowed to start your own server, which is free too. The main app is free but if one chooses to opt for Nitro which allows you to upload bulk files, set up many profiles along with profile banners, or animate pictures, it has a cost to it. The cost is based on a monthly and yearly basis for Nitro.

The reasons for its huge popularity

  • During the pandemic, quite a number of social networking platforms and some apps too which offers chatting facilities had got a boost in their growth as many people had found it safe to connect online. As per the company’s report discord had earned more than 140 million monthly active users, by the end of 2020.
  • This app has found immense popularity as a tool for YouTubers,live-streamers, podcast creators, and online influencers too.  It has helped in providing them a platform to build around it their internet community. Communities such as Patreon had integrated the services of discord for their use.
  • There are various other benefits too that are provided by discord which has led to their rise. It supports the live-streamers, to take audio and video calls easily, from their viewers or guests with the help of this app. There are many games that could be played together with many players, discord’s another such facility named screen sharing feature, makes it possible to be enjoyed by the gamers.
  • Discord has integration too with other services that help the user to listen to Spotify with their friends, for real. Its services of bots allow the user to set up to automate various tasks or even it supplies many more added features such as news alerts and polls.
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Safety with discord

This app is undoubtedly a versatile platform having multiple uses.  While using discord, you are free to create your personal server and can invite only the friends you want. This same applies while you are trying to join the server of others too. In accordance to the rules, this platform will not be able to the creator’s server information. So, it depends on om you too about remaining careful and knowing the servers you are using. Its two-factor authentication is an assurance about safeguarding your interests. The direct messaging feature of this app is safe. It scans for any explicit content in it before delivering it to you.

do you have to pay for discord

So, the services of this feature remove the option of delivering spam and unfiltered messages to you. As it detects such a message it stops from dropping into your chat and even such spam is immediately removed from any groups or window of a member. Being a powerful application, this app provides an easy manner to connect with people. So, it is surely the best choice of remaining in touch, hassle-free. The user-friendly app supports the users in discussing various topics, playing games, have live streams or events.

So, the above research findings give you a concrete answer about not only if this app has a charge but also knowledge about it as well.