Discord wasn’t just an app. It was the dream of two friends who’ve known each other since their childhood. Jason Citron and Stan Vishnevskiy are the geniuses behind the invention of the popular app discord. They have been video game buddies since they were young. Know how many discord servers are there.

They wanted to connect people with each other who were far away. Video games back then weren’t advanced for online modes, let alone voice and video chat. But after the insane growth of smartphones, games have become too advanced that it has moved into the initial stage of real-time online voice chat.

But that wasn’t enough to mimic the feeling that we get playing with our friends in person. But discord has revolutionized digital gaming. When it was released in 2015, it became a huge success due to its real-time streaming facility.

It lets people watch gamers and their friends play games and interact with them, which has never happened before. But when discord was launched in 2015, it was afraid of the two well-established video streaming apps, namely Skype and TeamSpeak. These are giant corporations with millions of users at that time.

But discord outperformed and gained more users than Serviceh of them combined because of its superiority in streaming performance. Neither skype nor TeamSpeak has good video streaming quality, which is also a major factor that became an advantage to discord.

Though discord managed to receive a huge follower base and tight traffic, its infrastructure wasn’t yet built to withstand this huge traffic. This led to an increase in the demand for this app resulting in multiple server crashes. This made discord drown in their own blood for a while.

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But the founder Jason Citron came up with a brilliant solution to save the app from this problem. He has been able to raise a hundred million dollars to fund discord’s infrastructure and invested it in expanding their servers. They have enhanced the streaming quality of the app and also made a few modifications that later proved to be a huge advantage. With these changes, discord easily overthrew Skype and TeamSpeak.

Another idea from Jason Citron will change the course of discord forever. He didn’t want their superior streaming quality to be used like skype. He suggested adding a feature called a server which will let people join, text, chat and talk with other people in it. Discord servers are like groups or channels in other communication applications but have superior quality.

How Many Discord Servers Are There

But do you know how many discord servers are there? We will answer that question in this article and will include a few other details in this article. How many discord servers are there.

Discord Servers

Before getting into knowing the total number of servers in discord, we will discuss what a server is and how it has been used. A server is a space, channel, or group inside the app where people can join to enjoy the contents being shared in the private space. Users in discord don’t have to test each one individually if they are a member of a server. How many discord servers are there.

By joining a server, users can enjoy the content, watch live audio and video streams of other players or stream their own content to other people on the server. Mostly, discord server is known for gaming and streaming their plays. It is an efficient app to communicate with other people while playing games. We will get to the ultimate question, which is how many discord servers are there totally?

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Total Discord Servers

There are a total of 6.7 million active discord servers on the platform. And the interesting thing is that the total number of servers on discord is growing at a rapid rate. There was once a time when game servers dominated the counting of total servers. But it has been overthrown by the increase in the number of servers related to art. The biggest discord server has over 600K members in it.

There are multiple servers that offer art content to its members. People communicate, clarify, explore and showcase their artworks on these servers. Not only that, there are servers for every niche you could ever think of. There are even servers for coffee. There are servers for food enthusiasts and so on.

Discord doesn’t have a public place where other users’ content is posted. So it is vital to join a server and have some friends to enjoy using this app. There are also servers to which you have to subscribe to gain access to its contents. But most of the servers are free of cost. Be careful not to spam on servers because server admins are cautious about spam, and it will increase the chance of you getting banned from it.

how many discord servers are there

The popularity and usage of discord rose with the rise of esports. Overwatch, League of Legends, and Fortnite are popular and interesting games that have been played by most of the pc gamers. But they lacked proper communication facilities. So these gamers utilized discord which also assisted in the rise of its fame.

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Within three years, the app gained 45 million users and currently has over 100 million registered users worldwide. The number of servers has been increased along with their quality. Due to the flexibility of discord servers, it is expected to put Microsoft Teams and Slack out of the picture soon. The revenue of discord has been doubling each year mainly because of its servers. This shows how important and efficient are those discord servers.