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Intro :

Let’s first start with the discussion of how many discord servers can you join and how can you get past the limit. According to the data found in the year 2020, a single discord user can not join more than one hundred servers at a time. Up until this year, the limit has remained more or less the same. But as mentioned previously, there are of course ways in which one can get past this limit.

Ways :

A user can join maximum of 100 servers and he/she can manage which servers they want to get notifications from. The most interesting part is that they can choose different nicknames for joining different servers. How many discord servers can you join.

how many discord servers can you join

Benefits :

A user can join a maximum of 100 servers and he/she can manage which servers they want to get notifications from. The most interesting part is that they can choose different nicknames for joining different servers. Realistically, the number limitation is very high and doesn’t necessarily limit the benefits of the app. It has been decided by the developers very cautiously, keeping in mind the need and popularity of the service.

Debates :

Many users across the globe have argued if the number should be increased or not. While many people are in favor of decreasing the limitation, there are also those who will be happy to use 100+ servers if they can. Although most users are adequately satisfied with the current number and will not like many changes in it. How many discord servers can you join.

There’s also no limitation in joining similar servers. For example, if a user wants to join 60 servers related to games, he/she can also join another 40 servers related to anime. No specific ratio is set and it provides the users more freedom in using the service and does not compel them to stick to strict guidelines, unlike other similar apps.

Users can also invite their acquaintances or friends whom they added from one server to the other. Though friends won’t need to share a server to chat in a direct manner. One server can have up to two-and-a-half million users. If at any point more than 25k users are online, the owner will need to contact the discord app to avoid connection errors and have a smooth experience. There are up to fifty categories for one server and the total number of channels is 500.

Reasons for limitation :

Some users love to join various servers as they please. So it’s certainly a common question among the communities why the upper limit is set at only 100. Discord clarifies this from its side. This step is taken for the sole purpose of maintaining and fostering healthy communities and creating a balance among them all.

How many discord servers can you join at once :

However, a user can not have discord servers opened on his/her device screen at once. Only one of the many servers can be used at a time. So it doesn’t matter how many servers one joins, he/she can only be in one discord server in a single go. How many discord servers can you join.

You can also join a server without any invitation! Click on how to join a discord server without invite 2022 .

How to join more servers :

If you’re new to discord, you must surely be excited to join innumerable new servers! To do that, you have to open the app and search in the left sidebar until you find the “+” icon there. Next, you’ll need to click it and then click on “join a server”. You have to paste the invitation link there and then click “join”. Finally, you’ll be on a server and in this way you can easily join from one to a hundred servers.

how many discord servers can you join

Largest servers :

The two names that come to mind at once under this category are Fortnite and Genshin Impact. There are respectively 827,000 and 800,000 members in them and they’re the largest ones. Minecraft and Valorant stand at third and fourth positions and they too have almost as many members as Genshin. The other server names until this year are Crypto Baristas, NFT, Meta Generation, Enter, Raible, and OpenSea (it has endless resources for users who get into NFTs or developers who search for integrating OpenSea technology into their separate websites)

Nouns, NFT Hideout, Dank Daily, Elite Empire, Heist Circle, Stronghold, Supreme, ChillBar, Furianos, Wolves of Alt Street, TacoShack Official Server, Rocket Bots Support, RPG Army, Anime Soul Discord, Loud, Funtime, Call of Duty: Mobile, HashHoundz, Equilibrium, Damned, Halcyon Days, Softwilly’s Bathroom, Eagle Investors, Social Network, Codeize’s Place, TKF, Pink and Salar’s, Gates Of Autism, DreamMine, Otaku Space Station, site-13, Among Us, My Hero Academia, Tournament Kings, Path of Exile, Playboi Carti and many more. How many discord servers can you join.

Conclusion :

Thus, the answers to how many servers on discord can one join are plain and simple. No rocket science is involved in it and users won’t need to invest too much time to achieve the results they desire. The advantages of joining multiple servers are uncountable.

One can have everything ranging from more connections to a whole range of people with expert advice which can help him/her get the best of the art of digital communication. However, joining a vast amount of servers may lead to distract users from their ultimate goals and create other technical hazards. So it’s best to opt for the service with one’s own limitations which will disturb his/her regular work schedule.

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