How many of you know that discord was originally created to connect gamers to stream their gaming performances. But now discord is used for more than just gaming. It is used by different groups of people from different communities. Discord servers offer the most efficient way to grow your community online. But how many people use discord exactly? We will find that out soon.

Discord’s User Count

Discord is one of the online communication platforms that took over the internet by storm in the pandemic situation. People have been restricted from going out in public places, and in some countries, citizens were restricted from going out except for necessities. Discord had gained over 150 million active users per month in this tough time.

How Many People Use Discord

But discord wasn’t a huge success from the start. Like every organization, it has to come against so many obstacles. When it was launched in 2015, it had to compete against TeamSpeak and Skype, which were two major video streaming platforms back then. They were creating revenue in millions and had a firm infrastructure. But the video streaming quality of Skype and TeamSpeak wasn’t as good as discord. This has become an advantage and the major reason for the abrupt growth of discord.

But one of the major problems discord faced is the lack of proper infrastructure. They have developed a stunning communication platform that surpasses the quality of all the existing communication apps. But there were server crashes at their beginning stages due to increased traffic. Luckily, the founder, Jason Citron, raised funding to expand their server counts, and this was able to support discord to be used without any problems in the future.

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After that, discord’s user base started to grow exponentially. Within one year after its launch, it gained more than 25 million followers. And it started to grow each year at an abnormal rate. In 2017, there were 45 million registered users. In 2018, it grew to 130 million. And after the pandemic, the user count of discord skyrocketed. Currently, there are more than 300 million registered users using this app.

Registered Users Yearly

2016 – 25 million users

2017 – 45 million users

2018 – 130 million users

2019 – 250 million users

2020 – 300 million users

Now discord is estimated to be worth over 15 billion US dollars, and discord has made $150 million in revenue in 2021. There is no stop to the growth of this platform as it has multiple high-tech facilities that no other app or online platform has.

Discord Servers

One of the discord’s significant advantages over other communication platforms is the servers. Apart from HD video streaming quality, servers play an important role in engaging their users with useful and entertaining content. Unlike Facebook or Instagram, discord doesn’t have a newsfeed page where other users’ content will be posted.

Instead, users can join servers that seem exciting and fit their best interests. Servers are like groups or channels like in other communication platforms such as Whatsapp. There are around 6.7 million servers that exist on this platform. You can find servers on almost any topic. Most people who use discord are genuine and active users who post authentic content. Spam accounts are restricted from this app so other users can enjoy conversations with real people.

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Most of the servers are used for gaming purposes. The admin of the server will invite his friends to watch his gameplay stream. Admin’s friends will invite their friends, and it goes like a chain reaction until thousands of users join their server.

Apart from gaming servers, a huge proportion of crypto servers operate solely based on crypto concepts. Other servers are used by artists to grow their talent and showcase their works. You can find servers of any niche. There are servers to promote coffee powders too. Discord was created for the sole purpose of creating a space for each individual to make a valuation of their life, and it has succeeded in that.

Largest Discord Servers

We now know how many people use discord presently. But o you know how many people can a discord server can contain? Most of the traffic comes from the servers because that’s where the users spend most of their time on discord.

How Many People Use Discord

The standard threshold limit of users in a server is 500 thousand. In which only 25,000 users can be online at a single time. But huge servers like Mr. Beast’s have more than 800k members in it. How is that possible?

Well, you can contact discord and can request them to provide space to add additional members to your server. Mr. Beast’s discord server has over 800k members in it. Most of the big discord servers are game-based. For example, the largest discord server Fortnite has 827,000 members in it. And eight out of the top ten largest discord servers are gaming-based.

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Though these servers are extremely large, it is a feasible task to manage such a huge audience with discord. Discord features multiple bots that make it a much simpler task to manage them. Due to the advantages that they feature to their user, it is one of the fastest expanding social media and is expected to overthrow famous communication platforms like Microsoft Teams and Slack soon.