varies for voice and video calls because a voice call obviously consumes much less data than video chats. In this article, you’ll know exactly how much data or internet discord uses for calling or other activities. So let’s get started without further ado!


How Much Data Does Discord Use?

The data usage depends solely upon what kind of activities you do inside the app. If you send a normal message or do a voice/video call, the data consumption for the first option will be very little. In general, sending more than one photo with use more data than staying on a voice call for an hour more! Data usage also depends upon the frequency of using the app, screen time, frequency of sending gifs, pictures, or other files, the activity status of your private or public servers, Services in the servers, etc. Click to see how much data does discord use on PC or Android.

how much data does discord use

If someone is on a less active server, the data consumption will naturally be lower. The reason for it is people tend to send fewer media and messages on a server that has got low connections. On the contrary, the highly active servers with numerous people from different communities will use more data. The usage will skyrocket very quickly in a short amount of time. The messages, photos, and gifs will overload and cause this. Overly active music and normal Services are also other reasons for consumption. How much data does discord use?

The more time users spend on voice calls, the more the data usage increases. Some gamers naturally use voice calls every time they play games on Discord to discuss the strategies of the game with friends. The data consumption will be huge for such people. Wi-Fi connection is best for them instead of mobile data. Simultaneously, someone who doesn’t Serviceher with voice or video calls and is only interested in text messages, won’t face poor connection because of overload, and his/her internet usage will be far less compared to a regular gamer.

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In short, the consumption depends on the types of users and they’re the only ones who can predict how much data they use based on their activities.

How to check data usage?

You can also check how much data the app uses for a certain period of time. It’s applicable to Serviceh PC and smartphones.

On smartphones :

To check data usage on smartphones, users need to open settings, then go to apps and find discord from the installed apps. Next, they’ll have to scroll down to find the data usage option. Here they can see how much data has discord consumed over a period of the month through a statistical graph. How much data does discord use?

On PCs :

how much data does discord use

Computer users will need to open the settings option on the desktop and go to network and internet from there. Next, they’ll have to select the network that has connected the PC to the internet. Then tap on data usage which will show all the apps with their data consumption of one month. You’ll need to find discord from the list and it will show you the usage for 30 days. Desktops don’t have the feature to check regular or weekly data usage. So you can simply divide the total usage by 30 to calculate the daily usage.

The difference in consumption :

We all know a PC or a laptop consumes a huge amount of data compared to an android or iPhone for any application. Discord is no different. For example, if you’re someone who uses only the messaging feature and have discord on Serviceh your PC and smartphone, data consumption can be respectively 300 MB and 40 MB. As the screen time increases, the usage also increases on Serviceh devices accordingly.

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Regular usage :

If you use discord on a day-to-day basis, your data usage may remain between 300-400 MB. But prolonged calls or sharing media like gifs and photos will use data faster and exceed a specific limitation. How much data does discord use?

For calls :

Calls use a bit more data than messaging and video calls use data faster than voice calls. For audio calls, it can be 400-500 KB per minute and for video calls, it should be 10-15 MB/minute. Serviceh of these depend on the audio and video quality and the speed of the network. You can also enable the 5 push-to-talk option to reduce the amount of usage during calls.

Tips to minimize usage :

If you face an unbelievable amount of data usage for discord on your phone or computer devices, there are some ways to prevent that.

  • Share your device screen only when it’s absolutely necessary. Keep it off otherwise.
  • Disable the auto-download option for media and if you’re short on mobile data, try to avoid unnecessary images or gifs.
  • If you aren’t a frequent user, which means you don’t use the app on a regular basis for a long period of time, you can turn off the background data of the app. It will save a lot of unnecessary usages.
  • Try to avoid video or audio calls when they are not necessary and do the work through messaging.

Conclusion :

You can come to a conclusion about regulating the app’s data consumption by yourself. After using it for a week, you can check out the usage statistics. You can count your daily and hourly usage by dividing the total data by 7 and 24 respectively. The results will give you a clearer picture and you can spend your data based on that chart from the next week!