Whether it is gamers or chatting enthusiasts, discord is one platform that has been gaining rapid momentum ever since its inception. But, if you believe you are hooked to discord and desire to have an enhanced user experience without unnecessary server limitations, then knowing how much discord cost really might be crucial for you. Just so you know, the paid version of this platform is referred to as “Discord Nitro”. This paid version offers a good deal of features and unique benefits aside from the usual stuff offered by discord.

how much does discord cost

If you urge to indulge in the benefits of using discord, then knowing the yearly or monthly costs of discord nitro will be significant in order to properly get involved in the discord community.

How much does discord really cost?

In this article, we will be discussing everything that one should know relevant to the costs that are involved in the premium version of discord. The premium version of discord also comes with a good deal of perks.

What is discord nitro?

Discord Nitro is basically an online platform that is popular amongst gaming communities and gaming enthusiasts worldwide. Users from all across the globe can come together and discuss with one another via voice, text, or video on discord. 

While the discord platform is predominantly free, it also offers a paid version known as the discord nitro.

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Discord initially began as a platform that aimed to help the gaming community. Over the years, the application has diversified and grown pretty much to an exponential amount. The gaming community as well as other communities can come online and discuss subjects that interest them the most using this platform.

Individuals looking for an enhanced user experience can get discord nitro to meet their needs and requirements. From different emoji upgrades to bigger file uploads. Discord nitro offers a wide range of some of the most exclusive features relevant to the discord community in order to deliver one of the most enhanced user experiences.

The discord nitro variant of discord is available in two pricing formats: $9.99 per month and $ 99.99 per year. 

What all benefits will discord nitro offer to its users?

Now that you have developed a basic understanding of the discord paid version or discord nitro. It is time to discuss the benefits or features that discord nitro will be offering its users.

Besides knowing what or how much does discord cost, knowing the benefits of using discord would help you decide whether you need to invest in the paid version of discord or not. Some benefits that discord nitro will be offering its users are as follows:

  • Access To Better Emojis: In today’s date, almost every individual heads to a desirable social media platform in order to express their true emotions. Although text-based messages can help share the context well, they are not really that reliable when it comes to accessing emojis. This is when discord nitro can make a real difference, unlike the standard discord application. By giving the discord nitro users access to some of the best emojis out there.
  • Good Server Support: Another great benefit offered by discord nitro is the fact that it provides access to some extra server boosts. Thus, making it very accessible as well as easy to get around with. And also, gives its users a chance to indulge in a lot more gaming options.
  • Helps Create A Personalized Profile: Discord nitro definitely delivers an unmatched experience to its users by offering them one of the best quality as well as a personalized approach for creating their profile. From offering users access to animated avatars to offering a custom tag to their discord profile, this popular platform offers a lot to specific communities that join discord nitro or simply discord.
  • Allows For Bigger Uploads: Discord nitro supports bigger servers to help the gaming community take good advantage. The nitro version of the bag also supports high-quality sharing of 100mbps for one of the most convenient overall user experiences.
  • Provides Timely Support: Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, discord nitro is renowned for the amazing range of benefits offered by them. If you are planning to host on a large server to a wide range of people and timely customer support, then discord surely makes the ultimate platform.
  • Offers HD Video Support: Access to videos of HD quality videos is also made easy with the discord nitro application. From high-resolution HD image format to high-resolution video, discord nitro also supports various live streaming and screen sharing functions amongst others. However, familiarizing yourself with these features is quintessential for most beginners or newbies on discord.
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Is discord nitro really worth it?

Almost every social media platform available out there, especially when it comes to community-based platforms, comes with a premium version. And, in the case of discord, it is discord nitro. 

how much does discord cost

Although discord nitro is one unique platform that offers its users some amazing benefits and exclusive features, it is good to know that discord nitro might not be useful, or simply worth it, for every user out there.

If you are a beginner, we believe so because you are here exploring our beginner’s guide, we would highly recommend you to stick to the standard version of discord first. Once you have done exploring the platform and learning all about it. Then, depending on your personal unmatched or matched needs you can choose to invest in the paid version of discord, i.e., discord nitro.