Do you know how to check how old your discord account is? Here you shall be guided about it so that you can easily find out your account details whenever you wish. Are you looking forward to learning? Keep reading on! 

How to check how old your discord account is

This fantastic app discord has helped gamers and also the general audience connect to each other no matter in whichever part of the world they may belong to, under one centralized system. Here you shall be able to communicate with each other as you play online games. If you are facing trouble listening to your competitor during a game, it shall surely frustrate you. They say to effective gaming, communication is the key, and this is exactly what discord is trying to support you in. 

Keeping in mind your need to communicate during gaming, it offers you the facility of text, voice, and video call options while you are on a game. It has also become a social networking platform where people can interact with each other or even discuss on topics they like. This set of unique user-friendly facilities on a gaming platform and the offer of a great gaming experience is surely one of a kind. It has led to a huge amount of popularity for this networking site all over the world.

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To sign into discord and create an account of yours is a very easy and straightforward process too, it requires only a basic, few steps to make an account, which is also for free. You can even enjoy many of its functions just by downloading and opening the discord browser. The question that lies now is, whether it is possible to find when was the first time you had created your discord account?

If you are eager into finding of the age of your discord account, then you shall surely be able to get to the details. But you shall also remember that in it, there are plenty of bots in it such as Dyno and MEE6. But there are for sure, real users too. And so, whenever you search, it is important to look out for a real account only. With the help of the discord age checker, it is possible to find when your account was created.

Enable developer mode

  • First, you have got to log into discord and then enter the option that says user settings, appearing on the top-left corner, just beside your avatar.
  • Now, as you look at the left sidebar, you shall be able to locate advanced, by scrolling down a bit. Just toggle through the developer mode and turn the button on.

Disable streamer mode

  • Search for the user settings. Once you have located it, go to the streamer mode, which you shall be able to find appearing on the left sidebar
  • All you got to make sure now that, the switch to the enable streamer mode has been turned off. 
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how to check how old your discord account is

To check how old your discord account is

In order to check the age of the discord account that belongs to you, first of all, you got to copy the id of your account. This you can find on the sidebar to the right of your account page on discord.

After doing so, follow the following steps:

  • Over the right sidebar on your personal account on discord, press right-click on your username, and over that you shall find copy id, click on that too.
  • Upon doing so, you shall be able to find that on your clipboard, the discord id has been copied.
  • Now search for discord lookup and enter it.
  • On the id field of discord lookup, paste the id and then click on the lookup.
  • Now run the captcha verification and complete it.

That is all. Now the website shall pull up and display information with regards to the details of your discord account. Details such as your username, the date of your account creation, badges, and also information regarding if your account is a bot. From the account creation date, you shall easily be able to calculate the age of your discord account.

With the help of this simple method, you shall easily be able to get the details of any discord account and its user. It shall also help you in keeping alert on the accounts that are a bot. 

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how to check how old your discord account is

Interesting facts

  • The name of the app discord has no meaning to it. It was suggested because it sounded nice. And hence this name became attached to it.
  • It was the music bot in discord which was the first one on this platform to reach the 1 million landmark.
  • Discord is a great platform that provides information about the stock market. In fact, here you may find serious investors too.  
  • You can actually be able to earn money from discord by being a regular streamer and also through various other options.
  • Within discord, there are dedicated servers for memes. So, if you love memes, you are sure to find an unlimited supply here.

The community in discord is very active towards social causes and they are known for collecting funds during special times and have donated the amount for the various causes of the society.