DDoS are subclasses of DoS (Denial of Service attacks). It’s known to be one of the most dangerous attacks which are attempted by bots to overwhelm a particular discord server. Let’s discuss in detail how to DDoS ​​a discord server and also how it’s actually not very easy to DDoS ​​a discord server.

What is DDOS?

A DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) has a botnet that is used by impostors to crash a target website with the help of fake traffic. If users want to know how to Ddos ​​a discord server, they will first need to know about DDoS ​​attacks and their consequences. It is basically a cyber-attack where the attacker floods specific servers with innumerable requests or traffic to overload a system and bar the regular functions of the servers.

how to ddos ​​a discord server

In simple words, DDoS ​​is an attack blocking entry done by users or bots. These malicious attacks stop the legitimate or regular users to enter their desired servers and as a result of the crowd, the servers are denied to all of the usual users. The server may become slow, get shut down, or can also get permanently erased! Click on how to DDoS ​​a discord server to see how the servers are raided using tricks and also let your friends know about this!

DDoS attacks occur when more than one system overflow servers. Numerous IP addresses from thousands of hosts, infected with viruses, are used by it. Sometimes, more than one machine is used to create this attack and it becomes to stop this attack because each machine has different behavioral patterns. One can not even separate regular users from the attacking traffic because it gets spread across multiple origins. The scale of attacks can even get up to 1 TB/s.

How to identify DDoS?

Anyone who uses discord may surely come across these frequent DDoS ​​attacks one day or the other. The most recognizable feature is the slow speed or unavailability of servers. The traffic can get an abnormal spike that hinders the performance of the service and can also show unusual patterns.

How can one DDoS ​​a server?

Although tough, it’s not entirely impossible to DDoS ​​a discord server. Tons of online sites and tools are available around the corner which can be hired by attackers to DDoS ​​servers. It’s easier for public servers. To know details about how this works, you’ll need to understand the concept of botnets.

Botnet :

The botnet’s a group of bots that are used remotely from a command and control center to perform cyber crimes like ddosing servers. All personal devices like computers, tabs, cellphones, other unsecured devices, and also cloud storage can be used for this. Botnet helps attackers to perform DDoS ​​by the debarring source of traffic. As the traffic is entirely distributed in DDoS, it’s hard to detect its presence early.

Creating botnet :

One can make a botnet that has to create accounts in the app by collecting the private data of users and sending friend requests to another bot. Not only that, but the bot also needs to request all the other bots available there. The next one needs to join the intended server. Then the activities of the botnet need to be increased until the bandwidth gets weak. Two simple ways to reduce bandwidth are spamming with messages or using the voice chat option excessively. This is the whole process in which one can DDoS ​​a server.

how to ddos ​​a discord server

Legally or illegally?

The idea of ​​ddosing another person’s discord server is surely exciting for users who have been using the app for a pretty long time. But it’s not a child’s play to obtain someone’s IP address since discord’s data traffic is fully encrypted. So running a DDoS ​​attack is obviously not recommended to users and in some countries, it’s totally illegal.

If you live in a place where it IS illegal though, you can contact DDoS ​​service providers who can help you perform DDoS ​​attacks wherever you want. One can avoid all these hassles and fully rely on the experts to DDoS ​​public servers. However, if users want to DDoS ​​their personal servers just to increase the number of members there, they’re forbidden to do that with the help of DDoS.

Tools categorization

There are some tools that are adapted to create DDoS ​​attacks or are specifically designed for it. The first category is called “stressors”, which are actually made for helping researchers and engineers to do stress tests against their private networks but can also be used in generating attacks. Categories of these tools include Protocol and transport layer(LE/L4) attack tools, Low and slow attack tools, Application layer(L7) attack tools, etc.

Generally used DDoS ​​attacking tools 

Some widely-known DDoS ​​tools are HOIC(High Orbit Ion Cannon), LOIC(Low Orbit Ion Cannon, RUDY(RU-DEAD-YET), Slowloris, etc.

How to defend?

It takes a handful of strategies to keep discord free from DDoS ​​attacks. Some of these measures are mentioned below for user guidance.

° Users need to place a huge, distributed cloud network between servers and traffic.

° There should be limitations on the number of requests a server can accept over a certain period of time.

° Firewalls should be built to filter web traffic based on rules.


The makers of the application try their best to keep the app safe for its users. But as sensitive people, it’s also the users’ responsibility to not click any unknown link, interact with unfamiliar people and share personal information with them, download files from unknown sources to keep themselves safe from perpetrators.

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