How to find discord? Is this something that has kept you thinking for a while? Find it here explained in a very easy way, that shall surely help you before you join the server.

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How to find discord?

Here, let us look into how you can join the discord, one of the most popular and expanding social networking platforms during these times. The goal of this server has been always to bring people close to the community and keep the community growing.

how to find discord

Searching the servers

In order to search and get into the discover the server, download the discord app first. After downloading it, click on the compass icon that you shall be able to see at the Servicetom of the list of servers towards the left sidebar. Once you are on the page of server discovery, you shall be able to search new communities simply by browsing through the categories or even directly putting a search on the search bar.

Searching new categories

If you are not very certain about the type of community you are looking for or want to associate yourself with, just try to browse along with the various categories and educate yourself about some of the most popular ones on the discord server. Simply click on the various categories along the left sidebar and you shall be able to explore them. You shall see various categories to serve the community servers such as education science, gaming, tv, music, and many more, open and available for you to join.

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Searching new communities

  • Once you have decided upon the community that you wish to join, type its name on the search bar and press enter.
  • The list in the server discovery tab shall pull out all those servers that match your required search. Start exploring the favorite servers from the list.
  • In order to get an idea of the manner in which people communicate within a server, you shall see the five-custom emoji in the most recent conversations on the server. Based on your friends, activities, and interests you shall also be able to locate a list of personal server recommendations in order to help you get to the servers that are interesting and relevant to you.

A few more things to learn before you join

  • With the assistance of lurker mode too, you shall be able to learn about the community further which may support your decision to join. Prior to officially joining, you shall be able to look around the server and research a bit about the various public channels to visitors.
  • And suppose you are still happened to be unsure about joining the server, you can always click on the back button to return to the server discovery tab.
  • Only after you are sure about the server you wish to join, simply click on the join button that appears on the top of the screen and officially you shall become a part of the discord community.

Some other ways into finding servers

Apart from a built-in search in discord, you shall also be able to find the server with the help of other online sources and social networking sites.

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Through social media

You shall be able to get to the discord server with the help of social media platforms. There are various companies along with individuals too who often tend to share their discord server of theirs on multiple social networking sites which they find a very effective tools such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Through Patreon

With the help of Patreon, you shall be able to join some exclusive servers as Patreon pulls out a strong body of integration with discord. This is the reason why there are many creators who prefer to offer their supporters, private discord servers.

Through Facebook groups

There are some who run Facebook groups and Facebook pages that also have discord servers so that their members are able to connect to them.

how to find discord

Through video game streamers

With the help of small and large video game streamers present on Facebook gaming, Twitch, and YouTube gaming, who has their own discord servers can be reached out. They have their discord servers for their crowd to discuss and cheer on their streams, for other related topics and gaming. So, you can surely check the profile pages of those streamers in search of the discord server to join. The thing to remember is that you are free to join as many as discord servers you wish to. So, keep browsing until you are able to get the online community that suits you best.

To create your own server

  • Download the discord server and open the app.
  • Now click on the option that reads, create a server.
  • Give a name to your server and press on the create.
  • You shall be able to notice that there is an option called to invite, that appears beside any discord friends to being invited to join your server. When you shall look at the Servicetom, you shall be able to locate a unique link to the invitation.  Suppose your friends are not on discord, you and send that link after copying, in their chat or message box.
  • Otherwise, you can also edit that invite link by clicking on it and putting another date of expiry for that link and setting the number of times that link could be used by people.
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And thus, your discord server has been successfully created. Before you start adding friends to it, you can also be able to assign specific roles for different members on the server.