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About the discord server

how to find discords

Discord servers are advanced forums online that are for discussions having extra functional characteristics. These functions are system notifications, voice chat, and also, app support on computers and also on smart devices. Millions of different discord servers could be joined. The dating server focuses on gaming and animation series. The easiest way to locate public discord servers is by using a built-in server search on the discord app for desktop.

Apart from the discord app, it can also be searched in the server listing. These are directories containing the descriptions and invites to the list of servers that you can join. These are great resources for finding new servers and also, discovering the ones that might best suit your interest. Server listing sites are surely one of the best ways of discovering them.

How to find discords

These are some of the ways you can try to find discord server listings:

Browse guides

There are plenty of guides that help in providing the best and most reputed list of servers found on the web.

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Searching through the use of search engines and the correct query strings. You shall be supplied with plenty of server listings to choose from. All you need to do is to type ‘discord server listing,’ which shall be followed by your preferred server category of yours. And thus, you shall find the listing, which has the categories that you are looking for. 

After you have found the sites you like, then, either browse the most popular or upvoted servers or else specifically search for servers that are of your interest.

Browse Categories

Many of the server listing sites feature categories which you may explore and discover new servers in which lies your interest. Some of such popular browse categories are:


This is a category that features servers that are specifically dedicated to not only gaming but also hosting events that are related to playing online games or even multi-player games. If you are searching for new people with whom you can play games, then these servers shall be a perfect choice.


If you are in the search for servers that share memes and also have channels for dedicated types of memes, then this is surely the category that must look. 


Are you searching for new and fresh emoji in the app to try? You can surely explore this dedicated emotes category that has emote and emoji servers. You shall be able to locate these categories listed next to the search bar or underneath it too. Sometimes they are also found in the sidebar too. All you need to do is to click on any category button and plenty of options shall be presented to you. 

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Keyword Searches

Typing the keyword on the search bar provided is another good option for discovering new servers, which you can join. All you need to do is type in your preferred category, and the list shall be pulled up in front of you. To participate in servers about specific games, then all you got to do is to search them directly. 

The Promotion Servers

how to find discords

There are multiple varieties of such servers that allow members to post the links to invites and also the description of their servers. Just like listing sites, these also act as directories to new and also upcoming servers that might interest you to join

These servers can be discovered by searching the advertising on your server listing site. In doing so, you shall be presented with a list of promotions and servers that are on advertising. It shall allow you to join if you find any favorites or may be interested in them. Once you have browsed the channels of these servers, you further might discover some niche servers that might be of your interest, and you would like to join them as well.

Server Discovery

This discovery feature helps you to find out all the popular servers interesting for you to join. Just scroll to the end of the server list and you shall see an icon like a compass. Click on that. It will take you to discover features. You can either read carefully the listed servers or categorize them by clicking the category tab that appears on the left. Or suppose you want to search for a specific interest, you can do that too by using the search box. All these servers that have been listed here are popular having many members.

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Other ways

  • Searching for the discord server on social media as most companies and even individuals use the social media platforms for sharing
  • You can even join some exclusive servers through Patreon. Many such creators often offer exclusive access to the supporters.
  • Checking Facebook group for servers and the members to connect with.
  • Streamers of video games, and other gaming platforms have their discord servers that take care of their community. You can surely check the profile page of such game streamers and find out if they are having a discord server that you can join.