Ever since its launch in 2015, discord has been gaining popularity. Are you aware of how to invite someone to a discord server on mobile? Below have been mentioned in an easy guide about just the same.

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How to invite someone to a discord server on mobile?

Discord has been made keeping in mind the two important issues that gamers often face while they are on a game.  While you are on the computer playing a video game, you must have faced receiving incoming calls popping up but receiving which would log you out of the game. And you also felt the need of talking to one another during the game and organize and keep the game on. Now, these two vital issues faced by you are taken care of by discord. Discord not only takes care of these issues but also is a free platform too.

how to invite someone to a discord server on mobile

This platform is just like Slack, TeamSpeak, and Skype. It has been made giving a special focus on the video game players so that while they are playing games, they are simultaneously able to text, voice, or video call fellow gamers or find one another. It also helps the gamers to coordinate and play the games with each other. Because of this advanced level of support that this app tends to provide unlike any other app, it has quickly gained immense popularity. Discord now has 250 million users with 14 million people logging in each day.

This absolutely free app comes into great use while you are at the computer, playing games, and also looking forward to having a conversation with the gamers at the same time. There are even many, who use this app as a social and organizational tool. Although most apps and servers are directed towards having functions for gaming but with this app, things are much more.  Here you shall find servers that relate to public discord. They are meant for cryptocurrency, self-improvement, anime, and for making friends and hanging out with them.

How to create your server on mobile phones?

You shall be able to create your own server on your mobile phone. Locate the vertical list which appears on the left of your screen. It shows the servers you are a part of.  Exactly there, you locate a ‘plus’ icon. Once you discover that, click on it. It shall lead you to the page of creating your own server. Create the server and give a name to it. Add a photo too so that it remains distinctive. If you would like, you may add your nearby location as well. And there you have a server of your own. Your personal server has finally been created.

When do you want to invite someone to a discord server on mobile?

As you create the discord server it means you are doing it to invite people into joining the conversation. If you have created a discord server or you want to create one in order to extend invitations to new friends, you need to have the invite link in order to add people to the server. The below-mentioned steps shall help you to invite someone to a discord server on mobile:

  • First, you need to download the discord app on your mobile device and create a server. Once the download of the app and the server has been made, navigate to the server you wish to select and select the same in the sidebar.
  • As the server you desire has been selected, now tap on the option ‘Invite Members.’
  • Only if needed or you wish to, click on the gear icon which appears beside the link and change its default settings. Once that has been done, select the option ‘Create Link.’

Now, that your link has been made, tap on the tab, ‘Share Link.’ As you tap on that, you shall be directed to choose a mobile option. On that mobile sharing option simply copy-paste the link. And a link shall be sent immediately from your phone to the mobile device of the person whom you are sending, inviting them to join on the mobile discord server. Now, after they join, they shall be able to text or voice chat not only with you but also with anyone added to that server. In addition to that, each server can be divided into channels. Now if one must raise a question that what is a channel? Channels are small spaces within a server to discuss specific topics only with specific people instead of having one general channel for discussing every topic.


These channels too have the option of voice chats and text versions. In addition to that, the flexible approach of the discord app also allows you to turn these individual channels into private. Only those whom you shall send an invite to join those rooms shall be able to enter it. It is even possible to turn the entire discord server into public or private according to your wish.

With discord, no matter if you happen to use a channel from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or even mobile phone, you shall have the same layout and functions all throughout. Exchanging devices shall not tamper with their format in any form. You shall even be able to view and access the entire message irrespective of the devices you are switching between and using. Just log into your discord account using a browser.

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