Do you know discord allows you to interact with others while you are playing a video game? Do you know how to join a discord call? Here you shall find details about this immensely popular user-friendly app.

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About discord

This latest app has been devised to help you resolve two issues. During a video game on the computer, you must have faced how would you talk to one another and how to organize people long enough to get the game going. This free platform Discord has been made to help you solve those problems.

This free platform blending with the chat UI is similar to Slack, TeamSpeak, and Skype. This has been made specially keeping in mind the video game players so that even during a game they can text, voice or video call, find each other and can coordinate and play. This app has got quickly known and is been widely used having 250 million users and 14 million logging into it, each day.

This app is absolutely free and especially comes into use when you are playing games on the computer and also wanting to have a conversation with the people at the same time. A lot of people use this app as a social and organizational tool. Although most of the servers have functionality for gaming you can also find servers related to public discord. Servers such as,, and Discord which are for, cryptocurrency, self-improvement, anime, and also for making friends and hanging out.

how to join a discord call

How to join a discord call

Discord can be accessed in various ways. And this makes it easier for you to connect even if you are not in front of your gaming PC. This app comes with a PC program that can be downloaded and run on the computer. This program is very useful and has a lightweight version that runs in the background as you are playing a game. It also comes as a mobile version too apart from the web-based version. It makes it easier for you to interact no matter where you may be. How to join a discord call.

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Just like other chat apps, first, you are required to create a discord server. It simply means you need to download the app and set up a chat room. Once it is done, you can invite other people to it. As you send an invite, the app delivers them a link that allows them to join it. And then, they can text or voice chat with you and also with anyone on that server. Furthermore, each of these servers can be divided into channels. These channels are nothing but small spaces for discussing specific topics. How to join a discord call.

Now, these channels come as voice and text versions. You shall even be able to make individual channels private and only those whom you invite into those rooms will be able to use them. In addition to that, you can make the entire server either public or private.

Creating your own server

how to join a discord call

You shall also be able to create your own server. Around the vertical list to your left that shows you the list of servers you are already a part of, there you can also see a “plus” icon. On clicking that it allows you to make a server of your own. You can give a name to it and also add a photo. And if you wish, you can select the nearby server location too. And that is all. Your own server has been created. Now you shall be able to send invites to people whom you want to join. Discord shall send them a link to join attached to your invite. Like the other channels here in your personal channel too, you can have control over its settings and can make it a private and invite-only channel. How to join a discord call.

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Voice chat

To have a voice chat on discord is very easy. All you got to do is, after entering into a voice channel turn the microphone on. Otherwise, you shall also be able to use voice chat if you create voice calls or group calls to friends. This too can be easily done with just one click on the phone icon over your friend list.

Discord offers some useful controls when you are on a voice call. Clicking the microphone icon mutes your mic. If you click on the headphones icon it stops all the incoming voices from reaching you, it also mutes your microphone. In addition to that, you shall be able to change the audio settings of voice and video chats, when you click on the gear menu. Simply press the icon of the phone with an arrow pointing down to hang up a voice call and cone out of the voice channel. It is surely frustrating to find a complete change of layout when you use the same app on different devices. But with discord, you shall have the same functions and layout no matter if you use it on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile. With discord, you shall be able to use the same functions wherever you may use them.

As you exchange using from one device to another, all you need to do is simply log into your account using a browser. Immediately it shall let you access all your conversations from where ever you may be.