Discord channels are the app’s main attraction and these exciting features help users in meeting new friends with whom they share common interests. The main part of Discord servers is its channels. Does this article contain all the information about how to join a discord channel?


There are several types of channels that can be found in discord. It can be a voice channel with jokes and funny talks with strangers (who may become friends in the long run) or there can be text channels having numerous emojis and memes. It doesn’t feel like one’s even in the app if he/she doesn’t join a channel!

How to join a discord channel?

If you’re new to the app, I’m here to teach you how to participate in the fun! You can also check out how to join a discord channel here. If you’re a gamer it’ll be nice for you to communicate with your fellow gamers while playing Minecraft or other such games. If you’re not and belong to a different community, you can find hundreds of channels that match your liking.

Users will face two scenarios when they want to join channels. They will be either a member of the server it is found on or they will be not. I will help you find solutions for both of these situations.

how to join a discord channel

For members

You obviously have to install the app first. You can open the application on the desktop if it is already downloaded and installed. It should be in either the Windows menu (for PCs) or in the Application menu(for Mac). If you do not want to download the app you can access it through your browser by simply typing discord in the search bar and then logging in.

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Next, you have to select any server you want to join from the list on the left of the screen. Click on any of the icons to enter that server and a list of channels will be displayed on your screen.

Click to join the channel of your preference. You may need to double-tap too. You can choose either a messaging channel or a voice chat channel. In the first type, your words will only be seen and not heard. They can be differentiated through the #symbol present at the left of the channel name. On the other hand, the quality of connection in a voice channel will depend entirely on the users’ ISP(Internet Service Provider) and the distance between the Discord server location and you. Upon joining a voice channel, you will need to allow access to the speaker. You won’t immediately need that mic to participate, but you may need to do that at some point as there’s no point to remain silent after joining a voice channel!

For non-members

If you are not a member of the Discord server that hosts the channel presently, there are two ways for you to join. You can search for an invitation link on the internet or get it directly from your friend.

How to receive an invitation?

The invitation may come as an e-mail or a direct message on the app, Twitter, or any other similar app where texting is allowed. You will just need to copy that link by highlighting it and then tapping on CTRL+C (for PCs) or CMD+C (for Mac).

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Launch the app next if it’s already downloaded or you may log in using Discord’s web page on your browser.

You will see a dotted circle with a + sign in the middle once you check out the panel on the far-left side of your Discord Home Page. Only this option will be listed except the Discord logo there if you have not joined any servers before. Pop-ups will appear after tapping this icon.

Two options will be available for you next, either to create a server or join a server. The second option will be in green in the lower right corner and you will need to click on it to join.

There will be a blank window only with a message asking you if you want to join in the instant invite with a demonstration for you about how it looks. You have to finally paste the URL here if you received the invitation previously. Paste it in the designated area by using CMD+V on Mac or CTRL+V on PCs and click on the join button next. You can also right-click on that area and select paste from the shown menu if that is better for you.

You will have to create a username after joining. The name should not be the same as your DiscordTag, but you should make it somewhat familiar to get recognized by your friends. You can even get banished from the channel if even before starting if your identity is not verified in this way.

how to join a discord channel

What if you cannot join a channel?

There can be a few reasons for you being unable to join a particular channel. You may have reached the

  • Server limitation –As discord allows users to join 100 servers at most, you will not be able to join another server without removing one server after reaching the limit
  • Invalid code -You have to check the accuracy of the invite code which is always case sensitive.
  • Banned –The channel may trigger your IP address like one on the ban list even if you are a new Discord user. or simply
  • Expired link –The invitation link may get expired and you will need to request a fresh link from the server owners.
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