Discord is one of the popular communication apps which lets its users chat, call, text, or facetime their friends. In this article, we will see how to join the discord. Before that, let us have a quick introduction to the creation of this marvelous app and its objectives.

The founders of the infamous app discord are Jason Citron and Stan Vishnevskiy. They were born and brought up in the United States of America. They both shared a beautiful friendship which includes a lot of video games. One of the major issues with playing video games back then is there was no means of communication between people.

Technology wasn’t advanced, and ever since then, they have been thinking about solving this problem. After the bloom of this modern era, every people started to have a smartphone. Also, technology has become advanced where there was an in-built voice chatting mechanism released for very few games. But still, most of the games don’t have an inbuilt voice chatting facility.

how to join discord

On 13th May 2015, Jason Citron and Stan Vishnevskiy released the app called discord which took over the internet like a storm. Many gamers, including mobile and pc players, started to download and install this app. Discord offered a chance for ordinary people to create their own space. People liked this app because of its advanced yet user-friendly user interface and several next-gen facilities like real-time voice chat and face time.

The app came as a package of every facility available on the phone. It offers the ability to call, text, and video call in a single app which was new in 2015. Famous social media like Facebook and WhatsApp didn’t offer all these features at once back then, but discord did.

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Even though some apps have managed to offer such facilities, they are too slow and can’t rely on them for live gaming. But discord smashed all the obstacles and offered real-time and no lag audio and video feed to its users. It also offered the people to create servers (rooms) and also let them chat privately with their friends.

Now discord is used by almost everyone. There are around 300 million registered users of this app. From local bike clubs to popular gamers, use discord to create servers and connect with their audience. So, it is the new normal to join the discord. We will shortly get into how to join the discord.

Join Discord With These Easy Steps

The first thing you should know is that discord is available for mobile devices and computers. Joining or logging in discord with mobile devices and computers are similar but not the same. You can find instructions for joining discord on both mobile and computer.

If you are using discord on your mobile device, the first thing you have to do is download it from the play store or apple store. Don’t download the app from third websites or from sources that are not trustable. You can also download them from discord’s official website.

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The next thing you will see is a login box that appears on the login page. You have to enter your email address or your mobile number to verify your account. Then, you have to create a unique username. Most of the general names will be taken by other users before, so you have to create your own unique nickname. A dialog will appear below your nickname, saying that the username has already been taken if someone uses the same user id.

After filling in the login credentials and user id, you will be required to complete a captcha to verify you are not a bot. You will also be asked to enter an OTP to verify you are using the right login credentials. After that, you will be directed to the homepage of the app, where you can see your profile. You can add a profile picture and personalize your profile.

how to join discord

If you are using a computer device, the initial steps can be a little complex. First, go to the official discord website on your browser and go to the download page. If you are using a pc, you can download it from the windows section. If you are using macOS, go to the download page that lets you download from macOS computers.

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After downloading, click on the icon to start the installation process. Choose the folder path where you like the folders to be placed and click the install button. Within a brief time, the installation process will be completed.

Now open the application by clicking its icon, and a login page will appear. If you have an account, already you can log in, or you have to sign up. In our case, we have to signup using our email id or mobile phone number. Then choose a unique user name or nickname.

You will be required to complete a captcha to verify you are not a robot. Complete it, and within a few seconds, you will be landed on the homepage. You can personalize your profile by pressing on the profile picture. Customize your profile by adding a profile picture. You can then proceed to follow your friends or join new servers, etc.

As far now, you have successfully joined the famous communication app discord. You can create your own space and develop a community with a group of people or can play games with your friends and chat with them in real-time.