Discord servers have given its users an opportunity to evaluate their responsibilities and grow communities through them. We can also tell discord servers are one of the reasons for it to become a huge success. We will show you how to make a discord server on mobile with easy-to-follow steps.

How to make a discord server on mobile?

As we know, discord’s servers are the major contributors to the engagement of its users. Discord doesn’t have a newsfeed or user’s feed like Facebook or Instagram. Users of discord solely depend on servers and users on their friend list to have a pleasant time on the app. So, servers are in high demand in discord.

how to make a discord server on mobile

Create Discord Server On Your Mobile

Creating a discord server is an easy process. People like to create servers to grow their community and keep in touch with the people who are interested in the topic. You can create these servers using a mobile phone or computer. In this article, we will see about creating a discord server on mobile.

If you want to create your own server, first open the discord app. You can see the landing page of the app. We have to navigate to another area where we can access the feature to create a new server. To do that, you have to slide the screen from left to right. You will see a panel appearing which shows the servers you are in as a member. It will also show the different channels in the server when you click one.

If you see below the server list, you can find a + icon that will let you create your own server. Once you click that, you will be redirected to another page where you can create a completely new page and customize it, which can prove to be a tedious process. If you click the create new room button, you will be able to create a new one that doesn’t have any specific customization or rules and regulations.

Or else, you can create a server from an existing template. There are templates available for almost all niches. If you are a gamer and want to create a server to build a community for gamers, there is a gaming server template. Artists can also create a server using a template specifically designed to meet their needs. There is also a template that is created to assist the host in creating a server for friends and families. Other templates include school, local community, study group, etc.

If you don’t have time or expertise to create a server from scratch, you can choose these templates instead. They not only consume less time but also have an efficient infrastructure. After that, you will be asked whether you are creating this server for your friends or community. This is for discord to allocate space to your server. This step is skippable, and if you don’t want to answer or are not sure, you can skip the step.

The next step is creating a unique name for your server and adding a profile picture. Make sure you enter a unique name that hasn’t been used by any other server before. You can’t create a server with a name that already exists. Then you can proceed to upload a profile picture that better suits your server.

how to make a discord server on mobile

After that, you have to enter the topic of the server. This will help other users to join your group if your server fits their interests. You can then invite users from your friend list to the new server you have created. You can also copy and send invitation links to the users in your friend list.

Managing Discord Servers

Do you know why people use discord servers to help and build community more than any other communication platform? It is because they offer incredible flexibility and personalization options to customize and manage these servers.

The first advantage is the discord channels. Discord channels are like subgroups inside a server. These channels help to divide the traffic and make the server run smoothly. For example, if you are running a discord server about gaming. You can have different channels for different games and can have different channels for streaming and texting.

If you are running an art server, it will prove to be useful a lot. For example, you can have different channels for 2D and 3D arts. You can have even more subgroups. This will help the users to find relevant content at that time period, and also, it will save you a lot of time.

To ease up, you can employ discord bots to add much more features to your server. You can use the MEE6 discord bot to restrict messages that seem inappropriate. This bot will block any messages sent by any user on the server if it doesn’t meet the community guidelines. Groovy is a music manager bot that will play music if you type the song’s name. This bot will play music for the users in the entire channel.

Sesh is a management bot for events. You don’t have to worry about scheduling and taking notes anymore. With Sesh, you can manage your events just by typing them in. There are countless other advantages that come with discord servers, and there is no wonder why discord is the people’s choice for growing a community.