Are you aware of how to open discord? Here are a few easy steps that help in creating your discord account. In addition, you shall find additional help if you face any issues while opening discord.


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Introduction to discord

Discord has been one of the most successful gaming platforms for some time now.  It has been offering free text, voice, and video calls to its users while they are gaming. This user-friendly aspect has not been included in any gaming app before and because of this support, gamers can build a community of theirs here.

In addition to that, discord has been got emerged into a social platform too. Every day millions of people join here to chat and gossip about shared interests and activities. And all these conversations are based on an opt-in system, which helps its users to have control over with whom they are running a conversation.

how to open discord

How to open discord?

There are a few simple steps to creating a discord account:

  • First, you should visit the discord site which is,
  • Now, open discord in the browser that you are using
  • Put in the username, it can be your official name or any choice of name that you wish to make, and then click on that arrow that you see.
  • You shall be able to see a captcha tab. Complete it as it directs you.
  • And now you shall see a popup appearing, giving you the option to get started with the help of creating a new server.
  • You shall now be asked for claiming your account and securing it. To do so, put in your email address and password and click on the options claim account.
  • Again, a pop-up shall appear that offers a download link for the desktop. You can skip that by clicking X.
  • And now finally to complete the process, check your email account. You shall find a confirmation mail from discord. Click on the link that the mail carries, and this shall help you to verify your account.
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Finally, you have got your discord account created.

To join a discord server

Follow the steps mentioned to join a discord server:

  • Tap the search option to search for the discord server.
  • On the page that appears next, put in what you are searching on the field for writing text, and to begin the search press the enter key.
  • The search shall bring up a list of servers. Here you got to press click view to check the homepage of the server you like.
  • Now click join server, on the proffered server you chose.
  • On the left of your discord homepage, you shall be able to see the icon of a new server.
  • Right-click on the server and select leave server, in case you, want to leave. You shall have to do this process twice to validate your decision.
  • It shall help you to add as many servers as you wish to have and give you easy access to the communities of your choice.

When the discord app is not opening?

If you ever happen to come across such a situation when you are unable to open the discord app and you are unable to log in. To help you in solving the issue, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Repair the corrupt files

Many free and good apps on the internet repair corrupt files. Download one of such apps and make it run its corrupt scan for discord. If you detect any such results, repair it and then try opening the discord app. If the issue still carries on, follow the next step.

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Stopping the background run of the app

It can also happen that although the discord app is not opening on the screen it is running in the background. So, the process is to locate it and stop it and then again restart the same.

Click and hold the ctrl + shift + ESC keys together. It shall open the task manager. And now you have to select the process tab while scrolling down the list. Click discord exe and then click end task. Now try to re-start discord and see.

how to open discord

Uninstall discord

You can uninstall the app and then reinstall it back again. Or perhaps, after uninstalling the app, delete the contents of its data. And then reinstall it back again.

Disabling the proxies

Sometimes proxies and VPNs create hindrance to the performance of discord. Such settings tend to bring in malfunctions and stop discord from getting connected. So, it is advised, which you need to disable all proxies and VPNs first and then try to open the discord app.

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Reset the time and date of your pc

No matter how insane it may sound, there is every chance that discord has something to do with the settings of date and time on your pc. Many users have their issue with discord gotten resolved as soon as they changed the settings of the date and time on their pc to automatic.

Resetting the DNS settings

Often the DNS settings of a pc get corrupt, and due to this reason, it stops many applications from connecting to the internet. So, in your case too if it is the DNS settings are coming in between the way of the discord then surely it is unable to function due to this reason. So, it is essential to reset the DNS settings of your pc and then try to log again on discord.


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