We all dislike being interrupted during an online game by a sudden call or text. Do you know how to open discord in the game? Discord comes with some amazing features to help you with this issue. Read this here in a very user-friendly guide. Read on! 

How to open discord in-game

How to open discord in game

It has been some years now that discord VoIP and instant messaging software, which was designed for people who love playing computer games, has become an important chatting app. Apart from its multiple unique features that support the users, it has a graphical feature known as an overlay that helps you to voice chat and video chat and even stream from your PC while you are playing video games on it. The game overlay allows you to quickly pull up discord even while you are playing a game having a full screen on the computer. This overlay not only shows you all the new messages or calls that have come by but also allows you to pin a chat on the screen and keeps it visible to you as you are playing. It is very simple to use and at any time you can open or close it too without affecting the game.

This feature you can use as you are playing the game with your friends and can chat and coordinate with them very easily during the game. In addition to that if you have ideas about streaming your game this shall surely come into good use. This feature actually has been made in an easy and it customizes according to your comfort. In addition to that you can make the overlay invisible or even show it up only for the games you have selected.

To enable discord in-game overlay

This is how to enable the Discord overlay on your computer and use it while gaming. There are two steps to make the overlay, work. The first is to turn on the overlay and the second is to choose the games on which it should work. Now click on the gear icon that appears in the bottom-left corner. Now, in settings go to game overlay and toggle the in-game option. Then click the activity status on the left sidebar. This would make a list of games visible to you which are recognized by the discord, you playing on the computer. Now click the icon that resembles a monitor and beside their names enable the overlay for those games.

To enable this feature, turn on the overlay and launch the game for which you have enabled it. You will be able to see a message pop up on the screen’s corner directing you to open the overlay.  This means it is working. During gaming, a notification shall pop up on your screen on every call or message that you receive. To respond to that, open the overlay by pressing Shift + ` though this shortcut can be changed anytime from the settings page. 

If you wish to keep a track of the conversation while you are on the game, you can pin the chat to the screen. To do that, toggle and go to that chat and then click on the thumb back icon that appears top-right. The chat would not be connected to the rest of the window. You can move it to some other side by clicking and dragging the toolbar. To re-size, simply click and drag to the bottom-right. The chat might look very transparent, the first time when you pin it. It might almost become unreadable. This happens for a purpose. This is to let you focus on the game. But if you want to make it less transparent so that you are able to read, you can do that as well. Open the overlay and click on the square to make changes in the overlay option of the game.

A quick fix when discord overlay fails to work

How to open discord in game

At first, check, if discord overlay is enabled and has not updated or reset your settings.  This can be checked from the setting beside your username. Once that has been done check and make sure that discord has detected which games you play on that PC. If the issue still persists then, run discord as an administrator. And before doing so, you must make sure that discord has been fully shut down without having any ongoing running process Sometimes hardware acceleration makes discord use the optimum power while performing certain tasks due to which the other functions get frozen. It is important that you disable discord in such a case. And it must be noted too that as many as other third-party apps must either be stopped or disabled too. It would help in running the discord again smoothly.

Even though discord is updated regularly and fixes bugs on a regular basis too, it is never free of bugs. If you remove the app and reinstall it again, the updated version gets installed which is sure to fix the ongoing issue and run the app smoothly. To use the Windows Settings menu for removing discord is a good option. And if you are looking forward to removing the entire traces of the current software then, you can surely uninstall it using the software called Revo Uninstaller.

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