It might be difficult for users to find their own discord windows. But through a bit of research and understanding, users can get hold of various servers on discord. The following article will help them in showing how to search for servers on discord in a very easy way. So please read the full article and don’t skip any part! If you do, you won’t be able to grasp the technique fully.

How to search for servers on discord: Introductory guide?

Discord is a very popular app nowadays and millions of people use this app on a daily basis. So naturally, it’s not very easy to manage so many users and servers to help a user find similar people who match their tastes. Luckily, there are a handful of ways in which users can find new groups to join and interact with new people every day.

how to search for servers on discord

From its emergence in the year 2015 to today, discord has been able to create a place of its own in every gamer’s heart as well as on mobile phone. It provides a user full authority to choose who can join his/her server and what rules they need to follow in order to remain there. This platform can be useful to people from various sectors as; users can play multiplayer games by sharing their screens, can hold an art show, or can even have a political debate. Interesting, right? So let us check out next how one can form his/her own squad through the help of this amazingly advanced app!

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Discover a server :

As the user opens the discord app, he/she will find a magnifying glass symbol on the Servicetom right of the device screen. One has to click on it and it will direct him/her to a different search engine where there will be other familiar servers. If you’re a gamer whose discord is connected to the gaming sites, you will be shown particular servers related to the games that you play. It’s a very good feature to find servers of popular games. If you want to look for less-popular games or want to engage in other activities, you’ll need to look out for different sites. Please check out to see how to join a public discord server.

Using :

This particular site is not directly related to the discord app. But it’s immensely helpful as it shows users all the interesting servers which the discord app doesn’t really help with. All you have to do is join this site with your discord account and you’ll find tons of servers matching your interests besides gaming. You’ll find various types of servers on this site named “Anime”, ”Mature” or “Beliefs”. The last one is the hub of finding the political servers as mentioned before. You may find irrelevant links at first when you search for a particular topic on any of the servers. But you must be a little patient and scroll down until you find your desired results.

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how to search for servers on discord
Using Disboard :

This site is much like the previous and the major difference is that this one sorts different types of communities on the basis of different tags that are frequently used. Disboard currently has more than one million public servers on its site and owners of these servers need to add their servers themselves. Users will be shown all the servers in a particular tag when they search for it and they can easily choose the ones they like after seeing the number of people in them. They can join any server they like and become familiar with like-minded users. Be sure to type “dashboard” only as its plural counterpart will direct you to a whole new different site outside of discord. Besides this, users need to be aware of adult servers that may pop up while they’re searching for a game or political server as they might induce viruses and damage the device. In this regard, is still a better option as there’s a feature to disable irrelevant-tagged servers.

Tasks before joining :

If you’re nervous about being exposed to useless servers with explicit adult content, there’s a perfect option available for you before joining any of the servers! With the “Lurker Mode”, you can go through the communities extensively before deciding whether to step into the discord world or not. You’ll be able to browse the channels as a guest without officially revealing your identity to anyone. Thus, when you tap on any server in the “Server discovery” tab, you’ll still be a guest and only witness the server pop up temporarily in the list. If you’re hesitant about joining, you can just tap on the back button and the server will be permanently removed from your list, and hence your data will also be erased from that site! If you’re ever ready to join any of the servers, you’ll just need to tap the join button on top of your screen, and then only you’ll be an official member of the particular gaming, anime, manga, music, science, technology, education, movies, television, content creator community, etc.

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By exploring this huge variety of public servers, you can literally enter a virtual world where you can step up your interests extravagantly.

Conclusion :

Hopefully, by now you’ve found great ways to discover discord servers! You can also look out for the promotion servers of the app which will allow you to freely advertise your servers and provide links for invitations or descriptions of that server. Lastly, I would like to thank you for reading this article and wish you the very best in your Discord server hunt!