Discord is an innovative communication platform created for the sole purpose of streaming gameplay. If you are just starting out with the app, you might find it difficult to find the streaming option yourself. So, we will show you how to stream discord on phone.


Before going into the instructions part, do you know that when Discord was launched in 2015, it was dwarfed by the two video streaming apps back then? Yes, Discord had superior streaming quality than most of the communication platforms even at that time, but it lacked proper infrastructure. Thus it couldn’t rival streaming apps like Skype and TeamSpeak.

Discord was developed under the idea of creating a connection between video game or computer game players who are separated by distance. So the platform featured multiple communication options along with a superior streaming facility. This leads to huge traffic to this platform, causing several server crashes. This is mainly because of the lack of proper infrastructure as the app is just launched. How to stream discord on phone.

Within one year, the app had gained over 15 million followers. But their servers can’t manage that much traffic. It made the platform crumble upon its own weight. This pushed it to go out of use. But Jason Citron, the founder of Discord, had come up with a brilliant solution and raised funds to expand their infrastructure. This made them strong enough to bring down Skype and TeamSpeak.

Now, Discord is known to have more than 300 million registered users, of which 140 million are active monthly users. Now we can move on to how to stream Discord on phone.

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Stream Videos With Mobile On Discord

There was a period when streaming was for computer games because only a computer could support streaming and playing the game simultaneously. But now, even mobile phones can stream their screen and play games at the same time. And mobile game streaming also gained huge popularity in recent days.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you should stream or share your screen for gaming purposes only. You can share your screen for any number of reasons, including teaching lessons and showing your friend how to do something on the mobile. How to stream discord on phone.

how to stream discord on phone

  1. Join Call

The first step to streaming your mobile device is to join a call. You have to join a call to stream because you can’t stream your device to anyone. There has to be some audience or at least a room to share your screen in. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you should be in a video call. You can join a voice call and still stream your device. You will understand this while reading the rest.

  1. Click Share Screen

Streaming your device is a simple process with Discord. You have to just click the share your screen icon from the Servicetom of the screen. This feature will be available only if you’re in a call or meeting. The icon won’t have any written description for your convenience. But the icon will be like an arrow pointing out from the phone on the right-hand side.

  1. Acknowledge The Warning Pop-Up
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Once you click the streaming icon, a pop-up will appear containing a warning message. When you stream your device, members in the call will be able to see all the visible data on your screen. This might include passwords, photos, and other sensitive information. If you are aware of the threat and decide to stream anyways, you can click the button ‘Start now.’ By pressing that button, you will be responsible for the contents shown on your device. If you don’t want to continue, you can press the cancel option to end the stream before it starts. How to stream discord on phone.

  1. Stream Your Device

Technically, you are streaming your device as soon as you click the Start Now option. But the members in the call will be able to see your Discord only. If you are going to stream your Discord to the users in the call it is alright. But if you want to stream other apps on your mobile device, press the home button once and exit from the app. Then click on the app you would like to share with your friends. Now, they can also see what you see on your mobile phone.

This is how you stream your mobile device on Discord. Bur make sure that you are using your streaming facility with caution because people can see what you see. You have to be careful about what you share with your members. If you use your mobile casually, you can accidentally expose some sensitive information like photos and passwords. How to stream discord on phone.

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how to stream discord on phone

Final Words

People usually forget to end their stream before using their phone casually. So, Discord will show you a non-removable notification saying that the streaming is live. If you want to end the stream, you can click the End Now button or go to the discord app and stop sharing your screen.

However, stopping sharing your screen won’t cut you from the call you are already in. It will simply stop the ongoing screen-sharing presentation. Don’t forget to turn off the presentation before returning to your normal routine.

Streaming your device and using another app in it can significantly lower your phone’s performance temporarily. But Discord is a lightweight application, so most decent phones will not face any difficulties while streaming.