You must be aware of how immensely popular the discord app has become over the years. Do you know how to use the discord app? Here are the easy guidelines that shall help you to use the app efficiently. Are you looking forward to it? Keep reading!

About the server

Discord app authorizes you the power to create and make it an invite-only forum not only for yourself but also for your friends or the gaming community. It provides a platform which is also known as a server, where you would be able to have fun, talk, and hang out with the community. The app also allows you to either join or even create various communities too, whether it is a dance class, a book club, a study group or simply to spend time and hang out with friends. Amidst this global pandemic era, the discord app is very helpful by bridging the gap between us and the people we like spending time and socializing with or even love gaming with. Though this app is widely known to be a chat app for gaming groups it is useful for any type of group within the server.

how to use discord app

The process of installing discord

To install the discord app on Android or iPhone devices, you simply got to download the free app. If you are looking forward to installing the app on your pc then, all you got to do is go to the site and download it either for windows or else try opening it with the browser you are using.

The process of creating a discord account

No matter if you happened to download the app or use the web, you are still required to create an account. Opening the web app directs you to choose a username. After the username has been given, there shall be a pop-up over the screen that directs you to claim the account by providing your email address and password. Whereas, in the app, as you open it, a prompt appears asking you to enter your email address and password. If you happen to have an account and the app on the mobile then, just by scanning the QR code, you shall immediately be able to log in.

Joining or creating a server

After the account has been created, you are required to join a server. If you happen to know someone using the app, he could send you a link to join. That shall make it much easier to join for you. If you do not have a friend using the app in that situation, you can click the plus-sign button and create your own server or even join an existing server. In order to join an existing server, you simply click join server and you will be able to get into it by providing the invite code.

Going through the settings of the app

Once you are into the server, you can click on the settings that appear on the bottom-left and get into the settings panel. This will show you options about changing the account information and other such details.

Customizing the server

This is one such app that can be fully customized as per your choices. But it is ways advisable to first get accustomed to the server for some time before you go ahead with customizing it. Keeping in mind the benefit of the advanced users, the discord app never puts any restrictions on the things you are able to do.

The mobile app of discord

Just like other chat apps, it can be used in ios or android apps too. If you happen to rely on a username then, just by entering the username and the password, you shall be able to log in. But if you are looking for two-factor authentication then, you got to input the conditions that you had first input. Even if you cannot remember that there is hope for you still. You have your backup codes for support. But you must also remember that these backup codes change each time you reset the two-factor authentication.

After you have signed into discord using the mobile, you shall find that the working of its interface is similar to the desktop app. In the middle, you shall find the current chat channel, swiping right would pull up the list of members. To swipe left you shall see the channels and the servers. You won’t find any home button on the mobile app but instead of that, you shall get the direct messages option. The home functions appear on the bottom row instead of having the usual bottom button functions of the app.

how to use discord app

Interesting facts about the app

  • Microsoft is looking forward to buying this app.
  • There is a monthly subscription plan called ‘discord nitro,’ which tends to offer additional plans for its users.
  • You shall be able to go live when you are using the discord app.
  • Each discord server can have up to 500 channels. This variety offers a huge benefit to the users.
  • A single user on discord can have up to 500,000 members. In addition to that, he can join up to 100 servers.
  • In 2020, the worth of discord doubled its valuation from $7, that too in less than a year.
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