From helping individuals simultaneously video call or voice chat to message friends while gaming, discord is one program all individuals, especially gaming enthusiasts can use, to connect with their friends. But what is discord in-game overlay and how to use discord in game are definitely significant aspects all new discord users should know about.

how to use discord in game

But, first, let us discuss some crucial basics to help you understand this article a lot better.

The instant messaging software, Discord is free for any PC or mobile. Individuals can start using discord by creating their accounts. Once they have signed up for discord, they will be able to enjoy a host of features. The app will also include features like an in-game overlay.

Now, what is an overlay and what is it used for? Here you will learn all about this overlay feature in discord, its usefulness, and also how to really use discord overlay while playing some of your favorite games.

What is discord in-game overlay?

The discord in-game overlay feature enables discord users to use the in-app messaging and voice chatting features while playing a game. You can open or close the discord in-game overlay feature at any point. This makes this feature incredibly easy to use even while players are in the midst of their game.

The discord in-game feature is the most useful when you are playing a game with another user. This feature would greatly help the players communicate with ease with one another while playing a game. The feature is also quite useful when you want to stream your gameplay right over discord, and manage the application while you are indulged in a game.

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The discord platform has made it phenomenally easy for players to customize their preferences. They can use discord overlay features specifically with the games they select, have this overlay show up right over their game, and make it completely invisible unless you are opening it up on your own.

How Should You Open The Discord Overlay?

Before opening your game, open discord, and select the “User Settings” option. This option is located as a small gear icon at the window’s bottom, next to your discord username.

Under the option, “App Settings”, select the “Overlay” option. Now, click the slider and toggle on the in-game overlay option. Users can also change the button combination that would bring up the in-game overlay. By simply clicking the keyboard icon that is available under the “Toggle Overlay Shock”.

Users can even change the display name, avatars, notifications, and other users that will pop up during the game through navigating settings.

Under the “App Settings” option, users can head to the “Game Activity” section. There, they can see a list of games that have been already connected to discord. If none of them are visible, then they can connect the game of their choice by opening this section, and clicking on the “Add It” option. Users can even connect their accounts to other gaming platforms in order to see their games. Click on the “Connections” option under the “User Settings” option, to do so.

Next to your selected games, a computer icon will be visible. You can simply toggle the overlay and keep the overlay on or off for each specific game. Ensure that the overlay option is on for all the games that you wish to play using this feature.

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You can even open the game that you wish to play by using the overlay option. You could even use the “Shift +” keyword shortcut in order to open the in-game overlay. You can also set a shortcut yourself in order to open the in-game overlay.

How To Use Discord In Game Overlay?

After opening the discord in-game overlay, users can simply open chats that they really wish to be a part of. You can even use the discord in-game overlay option to begin chatting with new channels or users.

how to use discord in game

In the in-game overlay, users can voice chat or direct message. In order to start a voice chat using the discord in-game overlay, they can simply click on the phone icon that is visible in the top right corner. Based on how you really alter settings for the in-game overlay, the name of a user would show up when you are voice chatting. All the users in a voice chat will be visible in the exact upper left corner. Users can also open overlay, and move the voice chatbox wherever they want on the screen.

Users can even pin a chat in order to keep it open whenever they close the overlay. In order to do this, right at the top of the window, users could click on the visible thumbnail icon. Users can also detach the chat from the sidebar. They could easily move them around the chatbox, resize it, and set it the way they want so it won’t really interfere with their game.

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Users can change the discord in-game overlay settings while they are in-game. Once the discord in-game overlay opens, they can go to the gear icon and open settings. They can even change the overlay settings by going to the “Overlay Settings” in the main program of discord.