Do you know how to use discord on mobile? With a very few simple steps, you shall be able to set your favorite app on your mobile too. Find it here and learn. Read on!

How to use discord on mobile

In order to use discord for the first time from your mobile phone, you can follow the below-mentioned simple steps that shall walk you through it. The best thing about discord is that no matter if you are logging in to it either from a desktop, a tablet, or even from a mobile phone, the format of it does not change. It basically remains the same and you shall be able to use it in a very easy way. In addition to that, no matter whichever device you may be using, you shall be able to view and access the entire chat history from it. How to use discord mobile.

how to use discord in mobile

To create account

In order to begin using this highly popular gaming and socializing platform, you have to download the app first. After the download is complete, tap and launch it. If you happen to be using it for the first time then, you got to register yourself first in order to move ahead.

In order to register and create an account on discord input the following details:

  • Your username
  • Submit your email address or at least the phone number of yours
  • And the password.

After you have done doing so, press on the tab that reads create an account and that shall allow you to begin using discord.

This is for the situation, if you have already created an account on discord through another device then in that case, log in to your account directly by providing the email address and password. It is important to note that, you must be sure to visit your email and verify it. If you do so then, you shall be able to recover the account in case you have forgotten the password.

To set up an account

  • In order to do so, click the circle icon that appears at the bottom right corner. Now select my account.
  • To change your avatar
  • In my account, go to the settings option. Now press the photo icon in order to change the discord photo which has been set by default to that of your own picture.
  • After you have selected your photograph, crop if needed and then by tapping on the upload button, set it as your avatar. Press the blue save tab that you can see at the bottom right, to save. How to use discord mobile.

To change the account details

  • In order to do so, head over to the settings over the, my account page or you can also click the option edit account too in case of changing the username or the email address.
  • Enter your password to confirm the changes that you have made. In case you want to change your password, you shall be able to do the same too using the change password option. Note that, only two times per hour you shall be able to change your username and avatar.

To add friends

Once you have created your account on discord, you shall be able to add friends and also receive friend requests from people on discord.

To send friend requests

  • In order to do that press the add friend tab, if it happens to be the first time. If you have done it previously then, go to the, friends tab and press the icon in the middle, appearing at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select add a friend on the top right corner. Type the username and the digit tag of your friend and send a friend request. If you are unable to send one then it might be, that the friend has activated its privacy settings on friend requests.

how to use discord in mobile

To add a friend in the server

If you are on a server, you shall be able to press a person’s username on the server list and reach his profile. By pressing the add friend option, you shall be able to send him a friend request into joining your server. How to use discord mobile.

Accepting requests

Upon receiving a friend request, you shall be notified. From the friend’s tab, you shall be able to confirm or ignore the request, depending upon who sends you. How to use discord mobile.

To join a server

  • Pressing on directly over the link for an invite from a friend shall help you to join a server. It can be done manually too by entering the link of the invite and then pressing the green button on the left bar, which is green in color.
  • You shall see the option, to join a server or create one. Put the link manually on the join server and press the join server tab and confirm the process. You shall get a confirmation from the app about the same. How to use discord mobile.

To create DMS

  • If you wish to have smaller groups for chats beyond the server you shall be able to make a new group chat by pressing the message icon in the upper right corner.
  • The following screen shall allow you to select friends for direct messaging. You are able to add up to 10 friends in case of group chats.
  • Confirm the list of friends you have added by pressing the send message icon appearing in blue. It shall redirect you to group messaging.



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