Using the discord app on an iPhone is not something much difficult to decipher. Check out how to use discord on iphone to understand the process first with an audio-visual demonstration.

Creating account

To start using the discord app, iphone users will need to install it from the App store on iOS. Once it’s done, they’ll have to tap on the app icon to launch it. If this is the user’s first account, he/she will need to register on the app by submitting a few credentials such as a user name, an email id or phone number and of course, the password. After filling these up, they’ll need to tap “create an account” and their account will be ready.

If the user already had an account in the past, he/she will simply need to login to the accounts by tapping on “login” and entering their email id and password.

Setting up

Users need to click on the bottom right icon to set up their accounts and select “my account” next.


In the “My Account” settings, users can tap on the photo icon by the default Avatar to change their profile pictures. Once it’s chosen, they can cropped out as per the users’ convenience by using the crop button. When the adjustment is done, they can proceed with the uploading option. In the end, they’ll need to tap the blue colored “save” icon in the bottom right corner to save the changes made.

how to use discord on iphone

In the same “my account” settings page, users can use the option “edit account” if they want to alter their usernames or email addresses linked to their accounts. Before making the changes, users will of course need to verify the passwords to the account. Also, if one needs to change the password, he/she will need to “change password” in the same page. They’ll have to type the current and new passwords and again press the bottom right button to save.

One can only change the username and Avatar two times in an hour. If you reach the limit, you’ll have to wait an extra hour.

Adding friends 

After creating the account, users can add friends directly or receive friend requests from people who are already on discord.

Friend requests

New users will need to press the “add friend” button to send a friend request to your acquaintances. For old users, if they have added someone in the past, they can directly go to the “friends” tab by tapping on the middle option at the screen’s bottom. Next step is to select the “add friend” icon in the upper right.

In this tab, users will need to type in both the username and the four-digit tag of their friends. They’ll have to make sure the spellings are correct, remove any extra spaces and double check the capitalizations because usernames are case-sensitive. Once users have typed the tag and pressed “send friend request”, the request will be sent directly. If you can’t send one, your friend will need to update the privacy settings of who can send him/her requests.

Adding friends in server

If you’re in a server and want someone with whom you’ve recently become friends to join the same server, you’ll need to tap that person’s username in the list or press the user’s avatar to open their profiles.

Once you’ve opened the profile, you’ll be able to use the “add friend” option to send friend requests.

Accepting requests

If you have received any friend requests, you’ll be able to see that as a red notification on the “friends” tab. Tap it to get redirected to the tab and check out the pending requests. You can either confirm the sender as a friend or ignore the request. Don’t forget to check again whom you’re adding as a friend!


Users can join servers through an invitation link from a friend or they can enter an invitation link through the “join server” menu. To enter the link they’ll have to tap the green plus sign on the left side. The option to create or join a server will be seen there. You’ll need to fill out the correct invitation link for joining.

Creating chats and group chats 

If you want to have a smaller group chat outside of the server, you’ll need to create a chat by tapping on the new messages option on the top right. In the next page you can choose and add the friends whom you want in the group chat. The upper limit is 10. Once you confirm the friends you want in the chat by pressing the “send message” in the bottom right, you’ll be finally redirected to the new group chat.

how to use discord on iphone

Sending media

If you want to send a photo to one of your friends, you will have to press on the camera icon on the bottom left. This will redirect you to your phone camera and you can send the photo from there along with a caption. If the photo’s already taken or another media already downloaded for sharing, you should tap the file icon beside the camera icon to select and send the intended file to friends.

Voice chat

The voice chat limit is up to 5000. To use this feature, one needs to tap the menu icon on top left side. All the servers that you are connected with will appear there. Next you have to tap on “voice channel” and choose general. Then tap on connect to voice on the bottom. Press the invite friends button to invite your connections. Finally you and your friends will be connected to the call and every person will be able to hear another.

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