Do you know how to use discord on your phone? If you are unable to, then read it here. In a very simple manner, it shall guide you to its use and also to the important features of it.

Keep reading to learn about all that you are required to know!

How to use discord on phone?

In order to use discord on phone, some very simple and easy instructions need to be followed:

how to use discord on phone

To create an account

Fist, in order to use discord from your phone you need to download the free app. After the app has been downloaded and installed, tap on the app and launch it. When you are using the app for the first time, you need to press register and create an account. While trying to create an account in the discord app, you shall be asked to provide the following information:

  • Username
  • Your email address or phone number
  • Password

Once you have completed feeding in these information press on the option, create an account. And this shall allow you to start using discord.Now, this is for them who has already created an account in discord from another device say a personal computer laptop or a tablet, you can directly get into your discord account from mobile phone simply by pressing the login option and then putting in your email address and password.

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It is also important for you to note and make sure that, you go into your email and verify the email address. In doing so, you shall be able to recover your account just in case you have forgotten your password ever.

Setting up the account

In order to set up your account, you must click the circle icon at the bottom right and select my account.

How to change the avatar?

Over the, my account settings page, press the photo icon and change it to your photo replacing the default avatar of discord. After selecting your desired photo, you shall be able to crop it as well pressing the crop button, in order to adjust the placement. Once done, press the upload. Press the blue save button after that so that the changes you have made are saved.

Changing account details

On the settings of my account page press edit account. You shall be able to change the username and the email address attached to that account. Before finally setting these changes, you got to provide your password and that shall work as a conformation from your end. In case if you want to change password, you can do that from the settings option of the, my account page. Once you have done that, press the blue save icon on the bottom right and that shall confirm the changes you have made. You must remember that you can change your username and avatar only twice an hour. Exceeding that you got to wait until an hour is passed.

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How to add friends?

Once your account has been created, you can directly add friends pressing the add friend button or can receive friend request too.

how to use discord on phone

How to send friend requests?

In order to do that, press the add friend button or can directly go into the friends-tab pressing the middle icon at the bottom and select the add friend above right. You must note to type the username of your friend exactly the way it has been spelled.Once that has been done, sending friend requests shall be delivered to them whenever you do. In case if you are unable to send a friend request to any profile, chances are there that the person whom you are sending needs to check their privacy settings.

How to include a friend in a server?

When you wish to add someone on a server, press on the person’s username on the server list or press the chat avatar of that person and open the user profile. There you can press the add friend option and send them a request.

How to accept friend requests?

When a friend request comes your way, you shall find a red notification. Press that. Confirm or ignore the request after that. You must be alert about whom you are confirming as a friend.

How to join other’s servers?

Press directly on the invite link and join the server or can do it manually from the join server menu.

How to create dm’s or group dm’s?

If you wish for smaller groups outside the server, you can do that by pressing on the new message icon on the upper right. Select the friends on the next screen that appears, and can be able to add upto 10 friends in the new group message.

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How to send photos and files?

By pressing the camera option in the bottom left, you shall be able to send photos to your friends. For a photo belonging in your downloaded folder or to send a file, simply click on the file icon appearing beside the camera, select and send.

How to add reactions?

In order to do that press long on the message you wish to react. A menu shall appear. Choose your desired emoji or can search for more too and once you have decided, press on the reaction button.If someone has reacted to the message then you can directly press on the emoji icon there and select the emoji you desire to add.