We all know that Discord is one of the best communication platforms that support online HD streaming quality. But do you know how to watch a stream on discord mobile

Initially, the founders of Discord, Jason Citron and Stan Vishnevskiy developed it under the idea of connecting gamers who are separated by physical distance. The app was lightweight and can perform smoothly with minimum system requirements making it possible for computer gamers to talk with each other while they are playing.

But there was also another major feature that came with this awesome app which is streaming. Users of Discord can share their screen (stream) with other users in the app. This is called streaming. Their streaming technology was able to outperform a huge video streaming corporation called Skype. Their quality of video streaming was superior in every way. 

how to watch stream on discord mobile

Discord also had other important features along with this one. In this article, we are going to see how to watch stream on discord mobile with easy-to-follow steps. 

Watch Streams On Discord

You have to be a member of a server to watch a stream being broadcasted there. So, make sure you become a member of a server to watch live video streaming. You can also watch your friend’s streaming, but it won’t be considered video streaming but rather sharing a screen. 

Once you are on a server, join the voice chat channel. People who stream their videos will do that from a voice channel. Now, if someone is streaming, you can watch it there. But the video streaming quality can be of significant difference between discord free account users and nitro account users. 

Discord’s free account will let you watch HD quality streaming, but you can’t stream high-quality videos yourself. But having a discord nitro account will let you stream HD videos with no restrictions. Let’s see more about the free and premium accounts. 

Discord is free to use communication platform that doesn’t charge any fees from us to use it. If you are a discord user already, you continue using its features for a lifetime without even having to pay a cent. Discord is a famous app for texting, calling, and face timing your friends, families, and other users whenever needed, and everything is free. There are not many restrictions with the free account. 

But there are some restrictions that come with free accounts, such as upload file size restrictions and no HD quality streaming services. If you need to stream video in HD resolution, you can buy the premium subscription for the nitro account. 

This premium nitro account offers countless advantages to the host as it offers extra personalization features. Discord Nitro is the name of the premium edition of Discord. It’s essentially Discord’s premium version, which needs a monthly or annual membership to use. You have the option of paying $9.99 per month to access the Nitro Discord account or paying $99.99 for a year to access it.

Annual membership is preferable since the premium is discounted and cheaper than the monthly prices. If you pay a monthly or annual subscription, you will have access to the same Nitro account. However, there are certain benefits to having a Nitro account.

A video file or other document’s maximum upload size is usually restricted to 8MB per file. You are not permitted to upload any other files. However, if you are a nitro discord account user, it allows you to upload files up to 100MB in size, which is a huge difference between the free and premium accounts.

how to watch stream on discord mobile

Also, streamers and podcasters would like to use nitro accounts as it offers high definition video streaming facility. It also allows the live stream to run smoothly without any latency or audio delay. Also, you will be granted numerous emojis and animated stickers that are exclusively available only for nitro users. 

As a nitro account user, you will be granted two free nitros each month that will give you additional space to personalize your server. You can get more nitro server boosters by paying a subscription fee of $4.99/month. 

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Stream Your Video On Discord

You don’t have to be the host of the discord server to be able to stream your own video. You can stream your video free on any channel that lets you do it. To do that, you have to first join a voice call in the general channel. After joining the call, you will have a bunch of options on the Servicetom of your phone. 

One of the options is live streaming which basically shares your screen with other users in the call. Click the icon that has a phone and arrow in it. This will lead to a pop-up warning message which warns you about how streaming works. Your screen will be projected in front of other users, so be careful not to open any sensitive information while streaming. 

Click the start now button to start sharing your screen. Now, you are streaming ultra low lag online streaming experience with Discord on your mobile. You can now roam to other apps or games and show them to the members in the call. If you want to increase the quality of video streaming, upgrade to the nitro discord account.