Discord was initially introduced in 2015 as a way for individuals to interact while playing computer games though they might be far away. Users may establish servers using the service, which can include a number of text and audio channels. But is Discord free to use?

Dedicated chat rooms for certain themes and audio channels for each different game or activity are common on a discord server. The service’s high-quality, low-latency audio (chat has made it a popular tool among podcasters and twitch streamers, and it’s now expanded to accommodate huge audio-video conversations that can easily outperform any video streaming service available now.

For people who are tired of standard social networking apps, Discord boasts that it has no new feed or annoying algorithm to rank up its users’ content. You don’t have to worry about receiving fewer or more likes, as there is no way for you to post content to reach the users of Discord without posting it on a server.

is discord free to use

Is Discord A Free Application

Yes, Discord is a free application that doesn’t charge any money from its users. If you are a discord user, you can continue enjoying its features without having to pay any fees. You can chat with your friends through text, create servers, voice call, or even facetime your friends at any time. You can talk with other users in the app as long as you can.

But there is also a premium version of Discord which has some features that the free versions don’t have. The premium version of Discord is called Discord Nitro. It is basically the premium version of Discord which requires a monthly or yearly subscription to access it. You can either pay each month $9.99 to access the Nitro Discord account or can make an upfront charge of $99.99 for a year to access the premium account.

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It is better to buy a yearly subscription since its premium is discounted and lower than the monthly premium rates. However, you will access the same Nitro account if you pay a monthly or yearly subscription. But there are advantages that come along with having a nitro account.

Usually, the maximum upload size of a video or any other document is limited to 8MB per file. You can’t upload more than that. But with the nitro discord account, you can upload files with sizes of 100mbs, which is a significant difference between the normal account and the paid account.

You can also stream your video in HD quality if you have a nitro discord account. This makes it a much more efficient app for streamers and podcasters as it offers significantly high quality and smooth streaming experience. Additionally, you will gain access to hundreds of animated emojis on this platform which is exclusive only for nitro account users.

Also, nitro account users get two free nitro boosts that give additional personalization options to their accounts. This gives the server admins more flexibility and options to include additional features to their servers. You can also buy additional server boosts for $4.99 a month.

Free Discord Servers

The popularity of Discord is due to its servers and high-definition video streaming feature. Servers serve as a gathering place for people to share ideas, discuss, and interact with one another. Are Discord servers, on the other hand, free? The majority of servers on Discord are free to join and do not require a premium or membership. You are welcome to join free servers as long as you abide by the community rules.

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There are, however, certain servers where you must pay to become a member. There are some servers that provide information, such as trading calls or crypto advice, for example. Some players even offer live game streamings for subscriptions. In these circumstances, you must pay the subscription fee to become a member of the server.

You may just skip joining a server if you don’t want to spend money. There are hundreds of servers on Discord, so you’re sure to find one that meets your needs. If you wish to start a community, you may also establish your own server.

So, just like discord accounts have both free and paid versions, discord servers also have free and premium versions. It is totally your choice to use the version according to your own choice.

is discord free to use

Discord Bots

There is also another advanced feature that is available in only a few of the communication apps. It is Discord bots that make it easier for the server host to manage the whole group with ease. In servers with a huge number of members, it will be impossible to handle them without the Discord bots’ assistance. To note, some of the bots are free to use, and some are premium bots.

Groovy: It is a bot that helps you to listen to music while in Discord. You have to just type in the song you would like to play, and it will play the song instantly.

Sesh: It is basically an event management bot that lets you create custom events like having gaming sessions with your friends and watching movies with them with simple text commands.

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MEE6: One of the major problems that hosts of servers face is trolling and abusive language. MEE6 discord bot will prevent any message from being sent if it contains text that seems inappropriate.