Is discord shutting down in 2022? If you have been worried about this news and looking forward to knowing, then read it here. Not only you shall be able to know the truth but it shall provide reasons too for your better understanding. Is discord shutting down in 2022?

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Reports about discord

According to the reports gathered from the users of discord, it states that the messaging app is said to have been experiencing shutdown problems. Although there has been no clarity about whether the outage has been caused due to an actual issue or because of some internal issues within the company’s infrastructure. Know is discord shutting down in 2022?

The report states that there happened an outage which had lasted for 20 minutes and due to this, millions of its users have got affected. It has been mentioned that the outage happened as a result of a widespread API outage. It states that the issue is been looked upon and things shall back up soon.

is discord shutting down 2022

If the server of discord is down

No one has clarity on the reason behind the cause of the issue. But it seems like the only major server that has got affected happens to be discord. The team has not been able to identify the reason behind its outage but there are chances that it might be due to a bug in the platform’s database clutter. It can also be possible that the blame is upon the major cloud provider, who has resulted in this outage and chaos. So, in the meantime, the users had been advised to keep a note on their discord functionality and try to find out if is temporary or permanent.

Even though the reason for its outage is not clear, when the outage occurred at about 2:45 pm ET, it had lasted for about an hour. Due to this, the users couldn’t participate in text chats nor could they join calls.  At 5:19 pm ET, a tweet from the official discord account confirmed they were able to resolve it. This is a hugely popular platform for gamers having more than 150 million active users each month. Is discord shutting down in 2022?

Is discord shutting down 2022

The rumors behind the shutdown are not true. This hugely popular company is operating a game-centric business and is actively managing a community of its own. Right now, the demand and the popularity of gaming apps are very high. The company has no choice other than take adequate measures into protecting itself and its huge community of users. There has been no official statement about its shutdown so there is no reason for unnecessary panic. This gaming platform has been immensely popular and the users use its software for multiple purposes apart from of course gaming and streaming.

Though, presently discord is closing down its free gaming services due to slow services. But the app is backed by a team of programmers who in fact have recently added some new features to it. But currently, the servers of the website are overloaded.  The company has been working very hard into improving the speed of the servers so that the overall experience gets enhanced.

It is certain that anytime soon, this hugely popular gaming platform shall not be shut down. The news around its shutdown which has been circulating around is false. This company which started in 2013 has a long history in the gaming business so it shall surely not shut down. Even the company’s revenues are on the rise.

is discord shutting down 2022

Some of the reasons behind the fake rumors

  • The FBI investigating team has been investigating cyber criminals and their activities on this platform. There is news about hackers who tried to share stolen data and also make improper use of the chat services.
  • Because of the unmoderated nature of its private server, it was missed for a while but the authorities had taken adequate measures. They also launched bot-modification and verification tools.
  • A fake message also was into circulation that because of the rise in the number of its users, discord shall cut down all inactive users.

Memes on discord shutdown

A chain of messages was in circulation about the shutdown of this platform. It had a serious title to it but carried silly memes. Upon reading the title, many users thought the news to be true.

Market statistics of discord

The below-mentioned market share and its statistical data shall clarify too that the platform shall not close down anytime soon:

  • The gaming platform has been doing steady business. Although the app is free, a good amount of revenue has been generated from its Nitro subscriptions.
  • Their free plan with amazing features and easy-to-use format has been received well amongst its audience. The reports state that between May 2019 to December 2020 their monthly active users increased almost three times, from 50 million to almost reaching 140 million.
  • In December 2021 this gaming platform had announced a change. Its CEO Liz Hamren stepped down from her post and took charge of the teams across operations, marketing, and business developments. She used to be the corporate VP for gaming experience at Microsoft. So, this too affirms that the business is in able hands and can only promise to grow further from here on. Surely this popular gaming platform will not shut down anytime soon.


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