Discord was primarily set out as a gaming app when it was first launched. Since then, it has become immensely popular among people for its interesting features. The question is discord social media or not has no definite answer because of its duality. But we suggest you keep reading and hope you will have a satisfactory answer by the end of this article.

What is Discord?

Discord is an app that was designed to make messaging and digital services available to the gamers community who didn’t have a proper app for that. Discordexperienced a rapid growth in the year 2020 due to its additional features that were added to target a larger section of the audience besides gamers. To answer the question is discord in social media it can be said that it is partly a social media platform and the other half is a communication app. Serviceh types of features are available in the app and the website.  You can see how discord influenced other social media portals here. Let us also see how similar or rather better this app is than other social media platforms also how different it is from them.

Similarities with Other Social Media Apps

Discord is very similar to the app named Slack and is often regarded as its mainstream version. It allows not only traditional text messaging, but also video and voice conversations. These features are similar to those of WhatsApp which is another household name in today’s world. See how many people use discord here.

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is discord social media

Better Than Other Social Sites

According to reviews by tons of users, discord is better than most contemporary apps. It has more than 295 million registered users as of 2022 and more than 150 million active monthly users which by default make it a fully-grown social network! It has a lot of creative characteristics and advanced software which makes communication smooth and of high quality without many networks lagging. Unlike WhatsApp, discord servers have more permission roles and they are more complex for better security purposes. In the case of Instagram, it is ranked 64th on the list of best messaging apps for Android by users while discord comes at 11th.

Discord also has better security options than Slack which include blocking IP addresses for voice calls and auto-encryption of messages. You can use discord without any regular cost and with its role feature, communities can be moderated in a better way and members can be restricted for not abiding by the community guidelines. Discord is also supported on Linux which is rare for many popular apps (ex: WhatsApp) of today. You can see how to watch streaming on discord mobile here.

Different Than Other Social Platforms

Unlike the hugely popular social media apps named Facebook and Instagram, discord does not provide its users with a global view of what people are posting on their individual accounts. In discord, members need to join servers or channels to see posts there. The major difference between Instagram and Discord is that the second app has chat rooms that are not applicable to Instagram. The creator of those rooms is the only one who can control what types of contents can be posted inside of them. On contrary, Instagram allows users to post individual content like videos, reels, photos, and IGTV videos without anyone restricting or regulating anything like a third person. Along with these, Instagram has other extra features such as users can like others’ posts or add a story. Discord has no such features.

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is discord social media

We have to add friends first to see the profile of users in discord, whereas on Instagram we need to follow friends (public accounts) to see their posts.  Discord still now does not have the co-watching feature which is very popular on Instagram. While Instagram is a very informal app, discord is more of a professional gaming platform.

There is also a basic difference between Reddit and discord. While Reddit is a forum, discord is nothing near it and is mainly focused on different types of communications on personal levels. Discord also has many other categories such as team communication, streaming, live chats, screen sharing, collaboration, and internal communication. But Reddit has only two categories which are social media and social networking and here contents are socially promoted or demoted through voting.

The primary difference between WhatsApp and discord is the types of audiences they target. WhatsApp is built for people of all ages and communities who want to chat without spending any money. But discord’s audience mostly includes large or small organizations, companies, small teams, and businesses. People can install the application of WhatsApp and send photos, videos, or even money to their contacts, upload a status, have a voice or video chat, etc. Discord on the other hand offers features like an event calendar, blogs, social sharing, app integration, employee directory, etc. which are visibly different than WhatsApp’s.

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Putting forward the features and characteristics of the app, we can say that though discord has most of the necessary things needed for an app to be a social media platform, it is more than just that. It caters to the needs of numerous communities present in the app which the other apps or websites fail to do. The owners have persistently tried to focus on this goal which has made the app grow faster and attract students, scholars, and other groups alongside gamers who find the app pretty good to use for their respective works. So if you aren’t already a member, go and install the app or open its web browser to have an amazing experience of this new world!