Discord offers its users both public and private servers. Private servers are generally made for having fun with your friends and acquaintances and of course for any kind of conversation that needs to be kept secret. But public discord servers are for fans of a common subject to come together on a platform and connect with each other. There are different categories in these public discord servers and users can join them according to their choices. You can check out World’s biggest discord server here.

Public discord servers

Earlier, discord was only limited to a messaging app specifically made for gamers. But for the past few years, it has gone through rapid growth and presently it stands with the tagline of “Your Place to Talk”. The app is available on all platforms like iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and desktop and is very easy to use. Let us now discuss some of the most interesting public discord servers from the popular categories below. See here how to use the discord app.

  • Filmmaking and Movies :

This public service is the self-proclaimed biggest discord server to discuss everything about movies, filmmaking, and television. At present, it has more than 23,000 members to chat with. It has many active and vibrant channels inside it. In one such channel, users can talk about any related topics such as titles of action adventures. There are also different channels for different genres like drama, comedy, sci-fi, fantasy, and so on. Both current and future filmmakers have their own channel options, including a truly nice group that provides genuine feedback for their scripts.

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public discord servers

  • Minecraft :

As you may know, gaming is home to many popular and large discord servers. Minecraft is one of them. There are five separate channels inside this server and they basically show off users’ unique builds and creations. There is also a Q&A archive that helps experienced as well as new Mine craft players with a variety of questions related to the game. New topics are curated each day in the general discussion channel so that users won’t get bored and can take a break from discussions of the game sometimes. Other popular gaming servers like this are Genshin Impact, Roblox, Fortnite, and so on.

  • Fantasy Football Chat :

Users can easily find a discord server for this just by typing the name in the search box. The top result is the intended server. There are almost 12,000 members here with various channels made for tournaments, general messaging, helping users to find a league in their areas, and many other related things. As it is the most trending among all the fantasy sports, every fantasy fan can find something or the other here which caters to their tastes. This is also a great place to rant besides learning everything you can.

  • ChillZone :

This server is best for users who don’t really want to talk or indulge in any specific topic like games, movies, or sports; but want to spend a nice time altogether. It has more than 300,000 members in it and is full of many interesting channels on random subjects. Users can stream videos, upload selfies or join any of the three general channels which change direction and topics on the hour. You can see someone new sharing their screens every day for the members to have a look at their worlds.

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All the users are allowed to participate in the ongoing conversation or they can just listen to it if they don’t have anything particular to say. It is really worthy of trying and gives a nice break from the outside world without any commitments to maintain.

  • Anime Soul Discord :

If you’re an anime lover and have innumerable things to talk about, this server is perfect for you. This server has more than 600,000 members in it. The channel list includes a few social groups and popular shows like Naruto, Attack on Titan, and so on. You will also find many voice channels here which help you in literally talking to other users about your favorite series or movies! If you’re not very comfortable talking, you always have the traditional text messaging option available for free-flowing discussions.

public discord servers

  • Apple :

This is a great place for fans of Apple products to connect with fellow fans and discuss the latest technologies of the company. R/Apple is a Reddit-based discord that is at present the biggest Apple-specific discord with over 60 thousand members in it. There are different channels for Apple Watch, iPad, Watch OS, iPhone, and all other popular products. You will also find channels for pre-ordering the products or for getting advice before buying anything.

  • Marvel Studios :
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As you may guess from the name, this is the heaven for Marvel fans and right now this is the biggest and most active discord based on Marvel. There are of course different channels for the different movies and series and you should be aware of the spoiler and rumor channels. You can also discuss future movies or fan theories and come across a bunch of avid fans worldwide!

  • More Servers :

There are also a few websites that help the users in searching the servers of their choice. These include disboard.org, discords.com, discordservers.com, and a few others. You can search by topics that show the most popular discord server of that category. Besides these, users can always open the discord app to use the in-built explore public servers option there. You can also find servers on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.