In the mentioned year, Discord was created and released on public platforms by the two young developers named Jason Citron and Stanislav Vishnevsky. Read the full article to know the history of when was discord made and what apps were its predecessors.



When discord was launched more than six years ago, it already had two tough competitors waiting in the virtual market: Skype and TeamSpeak. None of these two apps proved to be excellent to users thankfully and it’s one of the greatest reasons why discord was largely accepted by users, especially gamers all over the world. From the very beginning, it acquired mass popularity and as a result, servers started to crash as the small company couldn’t meet the demands of tons of users. Check out to see how the app actually works.

Jason Citron and Stanislav Vishnevskiy

Let’s look at the previous works of the app’s founders to understand the motive and inspiration behind creating this incredible app!

Citron was obsessed with mobile gaming from the age of five and his parents never really Servicehered as long he completed his homework. At twenty-six, the present discord CEO created an online mobile gaming platform named OpenFeint before Discord.  He then sold that company to a Japanese mobile-games maker for more than one hundred million dollars! He invested this money on a small startup company and at present, he earns no less than a hundred million dollars as discord’s owner. Vishnevskiy, on the other hand, is the co-founder and CTO(Chief Technology Officer) of the app. He helped Citron a lot in conceiving, designing and finally presenting the app in front of the world.

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Their ultimate goal was to create a messaging platform for gamers and bring gamers together in a place where they’ll be able to find all of their favorite games. According to sources, Citron launched another game named Fates Forever after selling OpenFeint. But it was a failure and it made him alter his strategical side about development. He noticed a significant gap in the communication area of the gaming platforms and decided to fill it up by creating an app that could enable gamers to have voice calls or texting while playing a game. With much confidence, the app was launched with a somewhat daring tagline that is “It’s time to ditch Skype and TeamSpeak”. The texting feature was regular, but the voice chat quality was truly better compared to the other similar apps. The name was contradictory yet interesting. It had very few users (less than ten) at first and Citron wasn’t sure if it would be a hit or a miss.

It was popular among only gamers in its initial years. But as the COVID pandemic hit the world, people from other communities started to notice its existence and after more than six years, it has finally become part of the mainstream. A wide range of people began to use discord for teaching, studying, and entertainment purposes via groups known as servers.

The biggest change in the company came in early 2020 when Citron and Stan wrote a blog acknowledging the fact that discord was moving beyond video games and becoming more accessible to other groups as well. A few months before this, the company’s motto was changed too, from “chat for gamers” it became “a new way to chat with your communities and friends” signifying the forthcoming change.

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Just like any other virtual app, discord too faced quite a few burning questions. These queries revolved around speech regulations, protection against cyberbullying, and the safety of the private information of young users. The app allows people to have fake names and community guidelines are largely dependent upon the owners of the different servers. In 2017 Discord had to officially shut down a particular server and a number of accounts associated with it which spread negative propaganda relating to white supremacy, Nazi ideology, and other forms of hatred

when was discord made

The company got more serious about the content after this and Mr. Citron made sure to engage fifteen percent of the employees in handling safety measures and building trust. Biannual transparency reports were published in 2019 and the app was restricted to users under the age of thirteen.

In a recent report, discord revealed that it had received more than four million reports of bullying and misbehavior, with about one-third being harassment. It immediately banned more than four million accounts and forty thousand servers in this regard.

The problem hasn’t yet been solved fully though. Sources revealed a handful of underage users on the app. Besides this, the presence of dozens of servers who encourage people to grow eating disorders has also been found.

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Experience of users

Most users admit that they joined discord solely for connecting with different people of their tastes all over the world. Large public servers like the ones which prepare extensive discussions on Minecraft and Anime have thousands of members who use the app to become friends with fellow anime or Minecraft lovers. These groups always stay active with people sharing color memes, jokes etc.


This has been a brief history of the evolution of discord and why it was made in the first place. A platform initially developed only for gamers has transformed into a large social hub and is developing every day to bring various communities into one place. It creates a sense of equality through social interactions which are proving to be of great importance in these tough times. If you’re yet to install the app, hurry and I’m sure you’ll have a pleasant time!


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