When you find out this gif crashes discord on ios, what do you do? Issues such as these can really seem pretty troublesome but here is a resolution. Keep reading here how you can easily fix it.

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When you find out this gif crashes discord on ios

Discord has been a very popular and hugely successful messaging platform in the world having more than 150 million active daily users. A report that was published by the WSJ, states that the company had generated a revenue of $130 million. This hugely successful platform was developed by Discord Inc. It kept on frequently updating its software each time it had brought out some new features or improved on the already running ones. But somehow it feels now that the developers are facing some issues. When you find out this gif crashes discord on ios.

when you find out this gif crashes discord on ios


Cap over the list of gifs

Some of the users gave mixed reactions upon learning that the company had capped the limit of their favorite gifs to 250. Some were shocked while some were angered. There were claims from the people that the company had never communicated with them before going for this change. Many of them were sad because due to this sudden change, many users had lost a huge amount of their favorite gifs. There have been reports that seemed to suggest the changes got processed along with the latest updates of the server and now as a result of this, their favorite collection of gifs looks like a total mess.

A few others had commented that the list seemed to shuffle randomly and it had caused them many difficulties in finding the gif they required, soon. They were wanting to put forth a message to be added much more than 250 gifs to their favorite list. After listening to all these issues of the members, the discord released a statement that it was unfortunate that their members had to face such issues. They have acknowledged that it was the result of an unintentional reaction to their attempt of theirs as they tried to sync the favorite gifs to all devices. When you find out this gif crashes discord on ios.

A staff member has also said to have been quoted that, the company is looking into this matter and are trying to increase the number of gifs so that in spite of putting the cap, the users won’t be affected much. And he has also assured them that all the gifs that have got disappeared, shall come back slowly.  But there would be still a limit on the number of gifs that one is permitted to you.

when you find out this gif crashes discord on ios

Gifs crash discord

Another issue has cropped up of late other than a limited number of gifs a member is allowed to use. A report published that the app crashes whenever the users try to access gifs, stickers, or emoji menu.  This issue seems to have left the members bothered since the time it had cropped up.

The company has stated that they are unaware of what might have caused this issue. So, it is left on to time now about when it shall get resolved. It also happens sometimes that while you are sending a gif to someone, there happens to be some error that stops the gif from functioning. There could be multiple reasons for that. Maybe an issue with the internet or a bug in the software. Even the settings of the device may collide against the discord settings. It is also a reason that perhaps the size of the gif is more than 8 MB. When you find out this gif crashes discord on ios.

There are some helpful ways that you can try that might help you to resolve the issue:

To check if the file size is lesser than 8 MB

In order to have a good experience of performance, discord has put a limitation over its gif files to be of 8MB only. Files that are larger than that, shall not upload or play.

Checking internet status

It is important to run a check over the status of the internet connectivity. Poor connectivity may lead to not uploading the gif in the proper way.

Write file extension

Animated files, such as gifs, are in the WebP and a few other new formats. Now, if it happens to be in the WebP format then it shall not be supported by discord.

Subscription check

In order to upload gifs avatar, you must be sure if you are subscribed to discord classic subscription, or else it won’t upload.

Ways to fix gifs that are not supported by discord

Follow the steps mentioned below:

Reinstalling the software of discord

The good thing about software is that, if facing any issue, reinstalling them helps in a quick repair. So, after un-installing discord, if the discord desktop client is downloaded again, it shall resolve the issue.

Re-enter credentials

Sometimes because your profile fails to sync with the server of discord, so gif fails to get uploaded or work. You can log out from your discord account and re-login again and the issue shall get resolved.

Let discord play gifs on its own

Sometimes it so happens that, after an upgrade, the auto play option on discord gets turned off. If you manually enable the option again, the gifs shall start to play again.

To turn off the option reduce motion

Turning off the reduce motion option from the system settings of iOS or iPadOS users shall fix the issue.

Using third-party apps for gifs

After running an update, sometimes bugs get loaded in the discord software that prevents the gifs, from functioning. To resolve the issue using third-party apps to upload or share gifs helps in the temporary fixing of the issue.




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