According to several types of research conducted throughout the past six years, discord is the one app one needs to use if he/she wants to have a nice group to communicate with. From its birth to now, the app has become greatly valuable to users because of its attractive features. So let us now discover the history of the app, that is, why is discord called discord?


An Introduction :

As we dig deep into the origin of this app, the first thing we learn is why is discord called discord? Why such a name? The founders of the app, namely Jason Citron and Stan Vishnevskiy, decided on this word after considering other options. The simple fact is that it sounded nice, meant something related to chatting, and of course, had a domain name that was available at that moment. Why Is Discord Called Discord?

The dictionary meaning of this word is “disagreement between people”. Now you may wonder what’s the reason to give such a name to an app where people from different communities are supposed to come together and have a pleasant time by playing games or debating over, politics! Well, this is precisely the reason why the founders chose such a contradictory name for the app, to make people hyped about it and compel them to try it out.

why is discord called discord

Why an unconventional name?

This app was primarily made for gamers. The founders wanted to talk to friends while playing intense games. Other contemporary apps couldn’t fulfill this particular wish and naturally, they didn’t have many options to choose from. So the founders and their team came up with the idea of this unique app and after many discussions settled on the present name ‘discord’. It hadn’t even been with a trademark back then. You’ll know more about the  evolution of discord here.

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Alternative name :

Discord was almost going to be named something opposite and unmatched to its present name. Sources claim that it was nearly called Wyvern after a mythical creature before founders decided upon the present one. This creature belongs to the family of dragons and there’s no credible source which can claim the truthfulness of this. Although the founders never revealed the other options they had thought for the name, but the present one is better than Wyvern in all regards. Just think about joining a server titled ‘Wyvern’ and it would have been a tough thing to come out of it! Why Is Discord Called Discord.

Original Motive :

As mentioned earlier, discord was mostly concentrated to help in the game, called “League of Legends” and didn’t target any specific group of audience. Through its accessibility and simple usage, it gained immense fame among tournament gamers and within 2020, the Service technology was also added in the games. Some of the most popular discord Services are MEE6, Groovy, Sesh, Epic RPG, Simple Poll etc.

After 2020, discord’s monthly user count rose up from 56 million to almost double. More than 300 million users registered on the app giving it a user base which could be compared to TWITTER! Isn’t that just amazing? This triggered the developer’s need to target other communities besides gamers as the lockdown period gained almost 25 to 30 percent of users who installed the app out of sheer boredom. People were already having online classes on the app with friends and creating groups for entertainment purposes. In this way, discord is now not only limited to a gamers-only chatting app, but it also can be used as a normal messaging app.

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More about the founders:

The two founders were literally obsessed with gaming and Citron sold his previous gaming platform to a Japanese company. In 2012 he started his own video game studio. Next they released a mobile game where gamers could communicate with each other. The game’s golden aspect was this and after giving it a thought, they shut down the gaming division and finally created this communication app, widely known as Discord. Currently Citron is the CEO of it and Vishnevskiy is the CTO.

why is discord called discord

Future of the internet :

Most people find this app far better than the other apps available. The voice chat doesn’t feel like actually calling someone because we don’t really have to dial numbers on it. It also uses less data and every channel has a luxurious space for voice chat which also gives people funny nicknames in addition! It is overall a very comfortable experience which makes the users fall in love with it. It definitely wasn’t easy to develop the app using numerous coding languages. But as Citron and Stan look back, they feel it was worth all the hardships that they faced! The most remarkable feature of this app is that it has built a space which people can claim as their own.

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It’s one way a mix of forums, group chats and on the other hand absolutely different from all of them. It mirrors one’s true identity as human where people can get connected with other ‘humans’ in real-time. In fact, the owners haven’t ceased in creating new exciting features for the young users who are the maximum users of the app. They are growing every day and taking us with them in this magical journey of exploring the virtual world.

Conclusion :

Discord is rapidly becoming the new gen people’s virtual meeting space, for collaboration, creation or simply having fun with gamer friends. Not only these, it can also serve as a virtual classroom and a place to showcase music and art. It’s free too, so users can easily create their own servers or browse through the innumerable public communities.