Do you know why use discord? This user- friendly platform has much to offer other than just gaming. Take a look in here and know all about it.

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Discord happens to be a free gaming and networking platform in which the users are able to exchange texts with one another while they are gaming and are also able to make free video and voice calls. Millions of people are a happy-users of this platform, starting from the age of 13+. On this virtual platform they meet and hang out with the discord community and friends.

Everyday people here discuss on a varied range of topics with a huge group of people with shared interests, whom they approve entering their channel. This is not only a user-friendly but also a safe server. The channels here are private and one can only enter them through invites and request approvals. It has a much larger and open community and discussions are based on specific topics on the different channels. It is a comfort home for the community and this is the reason why discord is hugely popular and is loved by its users.

Neither the community nor the platform are based on the complexities of algorithm which decides what they would see or no newsfeed or endless scrolling associated in any form. The conversations are only upon the interest of people that they share.

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why use discord


Why use discord

In 2015 when discord was first launched by its CEO Jason Citron, its intention was one simple thought. To provide the people a platform for gaming while building a community with one another through chat. No one had known then that it shall be massively popular and loved by people. The popularity had been so much that within years, this platform for the gaming community evolved into a virtual socializing platform for its members to come and discuss upon a varied shared-interests.

This platform for exchanging messages also allows its users a communicating medium through its different channels. It is not a formal place and hence, with the help of this platform the users exchange video and text messages. They form a rich network with other users joining in from other parts of the world, sharing and exchanging videos and photos as well.

Over here in discord, there are many servers and each of these servers has multiple channels too. In these various channels, discussions on multiple things take place and the servers are free of cost as well. Discord was a fresh new invention in the world of gaming but it took a great leap during the pandemic. During such a critical time, this platform proved to be one of the best choices for keeping in touch regularly with friends and also chat and play games spending a quality time. Being one of the safest virtual options, many new followers joined here and took this platform to a whole new level.

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Similar to reddit, the various discord servers offer a platform for different types of discussions and it is helping in to building a community that shares common interests.

In order to find its servers, all you need to do is Google and find about them. Being a versatile platform, discord can be used seamlessly Serviceh on desktop and mobile applications, without having to face the trouble of its changing layouts too on the two different gadgets. It also allows you to add your YouTube or Spotify accounts on the discord server and enhance your experience.


This app was surely first-to-market. And this is the reason why whoever has some associations with the social media, has surely heard the name of this app. A thing about social networking sites is that, the bigger the effect of its network turns out to be, the larger the platform becomes. And this makes it easy into engaging with people on it. This cycle of networking amongst people became stronger because this platform has the capacity to offer a wider range of choice that surely has its own audience base discovering common grounds.

why use discord


Shall it be able to maintain its popularity?

As the world keeps changing, the expectations from its users shall also be changing with time. Perhaps they would look for some more great modifications and develop expectations from their favorite platform. But as long as discord is successful in detecting the changing needs of its members and accordingly keeps upgrading its features to something new, the platform shall surely be there to stay for a long time. The platform shall keep making profits and growing as long as it successfully manages to keep its people happy.

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This app certainly has been able to construct a very strong platform having people joining from different parts of the world. As long as the platform is able to look into its user feedback and complaints and keep maintaining a upgraded service of their main feature that is of giving the services of voice and chats in text for free, the platform has surely has a long life.

One thing that they must always make sure while bringing about any change or upgradation to their platform. Will that change harm its customer base by any chance? They cannot afford to displease anyone nor can afford to lose a small section of its customers too. If so, in times ahead, more customers shall leave as well and join the platform of its competitors.