What is a Facebook  Story? 

Facebook stories are short user-generated photos or videos that can be uploaded by the user to their Facebook accounts. Facebook stories are centered around facebook’s in-app camera, which gives the users the option to choose from the fun filters offered by the app. Users can also insert geolocation tags to their photos and videos. Facebook stories are basically an additional newsfeed of Facebook.  The content posted on a story is visible only for a duration of 24 hours which is different from a post because any post a user makes will be on his or her timeline unless he or she manually deletes the post. 

delete a facebook story

Stories can be sent directly to friends as a direct message. Facebook stories were seen as an update to the “text status updates” offered by the app when it was first launched. You can control who views your Facebook story. If you make your story public then anyone who follows you and your friends will be able to see your story but only your Facebook friends will be able to reply. If you make your stories private, then only your Facebook friends will be able to see your stories.

You can also customize the settings and hide some or all of your stories from specific people. You can also find out who all have seen your story. Facebook stories are an excellent way to increase your engagement (Apart from you nobody else will be able to find out who all have seen your story). To see who has viewed your story- 

  1. Scroll to the top of your feed and tap on your story. 
  2. Tap on the “eye” like an option in the bottom left of any photo or video that you posted as a story. It will show you all the people who’ve seen your story. 

Note: If you don’t see this icon then it means that no one has seen your story yet. 

Another interesting feature of Facebook stories is that there is an archive where all of your stories are being saved. Basically, any story that you create and share on Facebook is available to your friends or followers only for a limited period of 24 hours (Also if your account is public, any person who first views your profile is more likely to see your story first, so putting up the right story can even help you to get more followers on Facebook after this, it disappears for everyone else.

But they can be saved in your story archive. When “Story archive” option is turned on all of your photos and videos that you had posted as a story will be archived after they might go from your story. Only you have the access to whatever is being saved to your story archive. If your story archive option is off then, in case you delete a story it won’t be saved to your archive. 

You can create a story by right swiping anywhere on the story and you can either put up a photo or a video from your gallery or you can capture a photo/video at that very moment. Also, before uploading any story users can also save them to their gallery. 

Stories of any user can be accessed in two ways-

  1. By scrolling to the top of the feed, you’ll be able to see all your friends’ stories. 
  2. Search any of your friend’s names (whose a story you want to view) in the search option. Click on their profile picture and then you’ll see an option saying “View Story”. 
  • How to delete a Facebook story? 

delete a facebook story

Facebook stories are definitely a lot of fun since you get to choose from different filters and add graphics, stickers, geolocation tags etc. but sometimes you might get second thoughts and feel like deleting it. It might also be possible that you uploaded a story by mistake. The good news is, yes you can definitely delete a Facebook story. Following are the steps to delete a story-

  • Classic mobile browser experience- 
  1. Go to the top of your news feed (You can also go to your profile and click on your profile picture. You’ll get many options such as “view profile picture”, “Edit profile picture” etc. From these options select “View Story”)
  2. After opening your story, in case you’ve posted multiple stories, then you tap to find the story you want to delete. 
  3. Tap on the three dots in the top right corner of your story. 
  4. Then click on “Delete Video” or “Delete Photo.” 
  • Updated mobile browser experience- 
  1. Click on “Your Story” at the top of your news feed. 
  2. Click the “three dots” in the top right corner. 
  3. Click “Delete photo” or “Delete Video”. 

It’s important to mention that when you delete a photo or a video from your story on Facebook then it will also be deleted from the Messenger app. Any modifications that have been made to your story will be updated and will appear on both apps.

Facebook stories are definitely a great function. Not only is it fun but it’s also a great tool for marketers to promote their brand which is why business owners should improve their social media strategy

 Facebook stories are an even more useful way of promoting a business rather than regular posts because stories are visible right at the top of a user’s feed and he/she is more likely to go through them. Influencers use stories all the time to promote brands on their page. (Want to be an influencer, we’ve got you covered)

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