Social media is the first thing people are looking at to sharing anything. Every bit of their lives is updated on such platforms, especially Facebook likes with just a click. That could be a little annoying at times, with all the stalking and unwanted interruption. So, here is how to block someone on Facebook and get rid of them.

Block on Facebook 

Facebook is among the most famous and widely-used social media platforms at the moment. Several people use this platform to promote their businesses, get in touch with their connections, and meet new people! Facebook allows every user to post different types of content within its community guidelines. However, some scenarios can be really annoying.

How To Block Someone On Facebook

Some users can get to your nerves with constant poking and disturbance through Facebook. Well, don’t worry. You don’t have to deal with such users on this social media giant anymore. The blocking feature on Facebook will cover everything you’ll need to deal with such users. Have a look:

Effects of Blocking on Facebook 

As mentioned above, you can now block any user on Facebook in different ways. We’ll get to how to block someone on Facebook a little later. But first, let’s understand what happens when you actually block a user.

Whenever you block someone on Facebook, you are taking away their access to view your profile as a whole. As in, blocked users cannot

  • See your Facebook posts.
  • Tag you in their photos, comments, or any posts.
  • Communicate with you through Facebook and Messenger platforms.

So, whenever you hit the block button against someone, neither of you can have a conversation with the other. Moreover, such users are automatically removed from your connections list. You need to unblock them to add them to your Facebook network again. But you can still reach out through Facebook groups and other social media platforms.

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Now we know the aftermath of blocking some users. So, let’s head to the methods for how to block someone on Facebook in different ways. We have multiple ways to restrict some users, for we are talking about Facebook! This social networking site provides various solutions to a problem. Like so, you can block some Facebook users in multiple ways. Here’s how:

From your Facebook profile: 

First, let’s see the easiest part. You can block any user through your Facebook profile. This method is easy as you don’t have to search for anyone’s name specifically. Here are the steps:

  • Head to the Facebook homepage and log in with your credentials.
  • Navigate to the drop-down arrow and press the Settings button from the Settings and Privacy menu.
  • You’ll see the Settings window on your screen. Now, hit the Blocking option present on the menu on your left.
  • Go to the Block Users section. You’ll see a pop-up window here.
  • Now, type the profile name of the user to be blocked in the space allotted.

Facebook displays the profiles of everyone matching your entry on the window. You’ll also find the Block option next to every user’s name.

  • Pick the profile and tap on the Block button to complete the process.

Most people find this method easy to block someone on Facebook. However, the only catch here is finding the correct profile. So, if you couldn’t find the user through this method, you can use this alternative.

From the user’s Facebook profile:  

In case you are confused with the usernames, use the following method to block them.

  • Go to the Facebook homepage and log in with your credentials.
  • From your profile’s homepage, navigate to the profile you wish to block.
  • On their cover photo, you’ll find a … icon towards the right corner. Hit that to open the menu.
  • Press on the block option to restrict this user.
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These are the methods to completely restrict someone on Facebook. In case you are looking for partial restriction, here’s the thing.

Blocking calls and texts 

How To Block Someone On Facebook

This method blocks a user from communicating with you through calls and texts. They cannot communicate this way through Facebook and Messenger platforms. However, they can still see your posts and comment on them too.

  • Open the Facebook Messenger platform and log in.
  • Go to the Chats section and open the profile to be blocked.
  • Press the down-arrow icon to see the menu. You’ll find the Block option here.
  • Hit the Block Messages and Calls option from the menu and tap the Block button to save the changes.

Restricting users on Facebook 

Blocking any user on social media is more like an extreme step. There’s an alternative here too. You don’t have to block someone but restrict them. Here’s how:

  • Navigate to the user’s profile after logging in with your credentials on Facebook.
  • Hit the profile icon present at the top of the window.
  • You’ll find the Edit Friend List option here. From the menu, choose the Restricted option.

Restricting someone means that you are just limiting their access. Such users can see your content shared publicly. They will remain on your friend list too. Such users cannot view the private content on your page. Choose the appropriate method based on how you want to restrict someone from your Facebook profile. You can always unblock the blocked users whenever you feel like it.