Facebook is a social media platform that is used by a lot of people and is a great platform for people to explore various businesses and make purchases. Many businesses today have a Facebook page but a lot of people don’t know how to create a Facebook page for the business that they run. People can give a lot of exposure to their businesses.

how to create a facebook page for business

How to create a Facebook page for business?

How to create a Facebook page for the business that you love the most?

Facebook can help you with expanding your businesses. Creating your page on Facebook lets you grow the beloved business on and beyond Facebook. The pages of Facebook allow your business to achieve its goal through free business tools and you can also buy likes here.

  1.     What To Do Before Beginning?
  •         It is essential that you have a Facebook profile.
  •         Research on how to build a business on Facebook.
  1.     How To Create A Facebook Page For Business On Desktop?

Steps for creating a page by using a desktop are pretty easy and simple.

  •         Start by opening the profile that you have on your Facebook.
  •         You will find it on the home page at the top of the page
  •         You are then required to create and choose
  •         Now you can name the page as per what you prefer
  •         In order for you to describe a page add a category for the page.
  •         You can customize the page accordingly.
  •         The business information can be added like the address and also the contact.
  •         Click on continue
  •         Add a profile photo, and cover photo, and then click on next.
  1.     How To Create A Facebook Page For Business On Mobile?
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 The page for the business can equally be created via your mobile phone.

  •         Open the feed.
  •         Tap the icon of pages and if that is not available then tab the icon of the menu and then choose pages
  •         Tap the option +Create that will answer your how to create a Facebook page for business, now click on get started.
  •         Now do the detailing.

Still Didn’t Get How To Do It Then Here It Is In Detail For You

Here are the steps that you can follow in great detail-

  • Start by registering for a business page – As you will be creating a page for your business, you would need a different account and you will have to create it which will be available on the right-hand side of the blue toolbar.

Page from the menu – As you click on create, a drop-down option will appear and you will have to click on the page option of the Facebook business page.

Choose category – ‘A business or brand’ and ‘Community or Public Figure’ are the two categories available on the page. If your business is about profit then you will choose business and brands.

how to create a facebook page for business

  • Fill Business Details – Since you are here to find a solution for how to create a Facebook page for business, it is essential that you know the category for which you want to create your Facebook account. Therefore, it’s important that you choose the right description and details for your business.
  • Profile photo and cover photo – Choose a photo that best represents your business and set it as your profile photo, this could also be your logo, just that it should be clear and also properly cropped. A cover photo is a photo that is usually used as a background image for your business page. If you can easily create the one that you desire using canva or any other such app. You can also ad a consultant that can further increase the reach.
  • Invite friends – The platform also has the option to allow your friends that are added with you to like your profile using the invite link that you send them. You can also take the help of social media management which will help you better with your reach.
  • Give additional details about the business – Find ‘About’ and select it and this is the place where you are required to add information that explains to readers about your business. It is usually available on the left-hand menu. This may help the customers to ensure that they are making the right choice.
  • Add a button to the page of your business page – After you are done adding information about the business, you can then add a button to your page which you can find at the top right side of the page below the cover photo that you might have uploaded. This then acts as CTA ie call-to-action for your Facebook page which is absolutely free to use. This can be added from the left-hand side of the page where you would find a ‘+Add a Button’ as an option. In fact, you have a variety of buttons to choose from including books with you, learn more, contact you, download, and/or shop. You can choose whatever suits the business well.
  • Promise to remain active on the business page as it will help in marketing – Since you did this amount of research on how to create a Facebook page for business, it is now important that you remain active on this page. It will help you market your business page and will help you in increasing the audience of the page. You should also participate in groups that might have your target audience which will help you fetch greater results.
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