Facebook Inc hosts millions of user accounts at the moment. But the pages run on this platform are more prevalent and reachable than private accounts. Most users are now inclined toward building their own pages. Also, we came across several people searching for how to delete a page on Facebook

It takes a lot of effort to create a page on Facebook and improve its reach. You’ll find several Facebook pages dedicated to entertainment, business, influential content, and more. Enormous time, patience, and dedication are essential to running a Facebook page successfully. You can contact different websites for Facebook page likes to increase your visibility.

Deleting Facebook Pages 

Wonder why would someone want to delete their page in the first place? Well, with that amount of effort, it isn’t easy for anyone to get rid of their page. However, it might be unavoidable in some cases, where you are left with no choice but to delete the pages forever. So, if you want to know how to delete a page on Facebook, go ahead and read! 

how to delete page in facebook

Before heading into the process, ensure that you are the only or among the admins of the page. You need to have the page role to erase a page on Facebook. Moreover, there are two different versions for page deletion. As in, a page could be a general one or a part of the business manager. Let’s discuss the process for both here: 

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General page: 

First, let’s see how to delete a general page. A general page here could be anything other than the one paired with the business manager tool. If you are an admin of the Facebook page   you want to delete, 

  • Head to the homepage of Facebook and log in with your page credentials. Or, sign in with your user account, navigate to the newsfeed, and go to your page. 
  • The Page Settings option is present at the bottom of the left column. Tapping it would pop up a window showing different page-related actions. 
  • Navigate to the General section and press the Remove Page option from the menu. 
  • Now, you can see your page’s name on the window with the Remove option adjacent to it. Press the remove button there. 
  • Complete the process by tapping the Delete Page and OK options in the end. 

You have now deleted your page from Facebook. However, Facebook keeps the page in its database for 14 days. The pages are permanently erased after this gap. So, you can use this time to retrieve your page if you change your mind. 

Business page: 

The business manager tool from Facebook lets you manage different pages on the platform. You can choose to delete some or all of the pages running through this tool. However, you cannot erase a page if it is linked to the other assets in your business manager section. 

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If you are an admin and the page doesn’t have any links to other assets, you can follow these steps: 

  • Go to Facebook, log in with your credentials, and head to the Business Manager section. 
  • Navigate to the Accounts section to find the Pages from the menu. 
  • You’ll find a list of all the pages managed through the business manager on the window. The Remove button is also found adjacent to every page’s name. 
  • Tap the Remove button and confirm to delete your page from the business manager. 

Again, you can retrieve the page within the 14-day limit before it is permanently erased from Facebook’s database. 

Unpublishing a Page 

Well, deleting a page permanently is always not the solution, right? The page remains active for 14 days only. What if you feel like getting your page back after this window? Sometimes, you might want to remain inactive but not delete the page forever. It could be a temporary break instead of permanent removal from Facebook’s database. 

It isn’t easy to build a page with numerous followers in no time. So, if you are unsure of deleting your page or taking a break from it, you can unpublish it instead. Here’s how: 

  • Navigate to your page through your account’s news feed or its credentials. 
  • Pick the desired page and head to its Settings section. 
  • Head to the General menu and choose the Page Visibility option from the displayed options. 
  • You’ll find the Page Unpublish option on the menu displayed on your Facebook window. Tap on it. 
  • Here, Facebook asks you for a reason for this step. Type the same and press the Unpublish button. 
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Your Facebook page remains inactive until you choose to reactivate it. Facebook unpublishes some pages automatically at times. This might be because you haven’t posted or accessed the page in a while. 

how to delete page in facebook

Retrieving the Page 

As mentioned above, deleting a Facebook page is permanent. So, you can choose to unpublish it in case of ambiguities. But if you erased it, you can still retrieve the page within two weeks. Here’s how: 

  • Head to your Facebook page through your account’s newsfeed or its details. 
  • Navigate to the Settings menu. 
  • You’ll find the Cancel Deletion option in your page’s settings menu. 
  • Tap this option and follow the instructions to cancel the deletion of your Facebook page. 

If you don’t want to use your Facebook page and are unsure of its deletion, try unpublishing it. Delete it when you are not interested in it after unpublishing it too.