You probably just watched a very interesting or funny video and you want to get it on your phone or PC for future reference but do not know how to go about it. This article will sort you out on everything you need to know about how to download Facebook live videos. The fact is, despite the awesome features on Facebook, Facebook does not have a means of downloading live videos hosted by other people.

Nonetheless, it’s super easy when the live video was hosted by you but if it’s the other way round, oh-oh, it becomes a bit difficult. At best, what you can do is to save the video within to revisit later. But the good news is, with some external help, you just may be able to have your wish fulfilled. 

How to download your live video

Like I said earlier, downloading a video you hosted by yourself is easy and does not require employing third-party services. In these few steps, you can have your video downloaded once you end your live video.

how to download facebook live videos

  1. Go to your Facebook profile.
  2. Select videos and click on the one you want to download.
  3. In the upper right corner, click on the three dots and tap “download video”.
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That’s just as easy as it is.

How to download another person’s live video

Are you trying to become an influencer and want to grow your Facebook page through sharing videos? There are two means of how downloading Facebook live videos of other people from Facebook using your personal computer. The first is to use websites. This method is appropriate if you only need to download a live video once or it’s not a thing you intend to do regularly. However, if you intend to regularly download videos, you might want to consider getting a browser or app to assist you in getting it done.

How to download Facebook Live Videos Using a PC

To know how to download Facebook live videos from websites, go to your search engine and search for how to download a video. A lot of downloading websites will pop up from which you can choose. Carefully select a trusted and genuine downloader and begin the downloading process. Knowing this can help you share your video on other platforms to get more popular on social media. to begin;

  • From your Facebook account, right-click on the video one require to download on Facebook and choose the button “Copy Video URL at current time”
  • After this, go to the browser you searched for the video downloader and paste the link in the space provided to download.
  • If another page appears, choose the quality you want your video downloaded in. You can choose between an HD quality or you can get the normal (SD) quality.
  • After doing this, choose the option to save the video on your PC.
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 How to download Facebook live videos on IOS, using an app

Generally, how to download Facebook live videos using apps follows the same procedure download videos except for a very few that may have different steps due to their unique features. The next few steps will outline how you can download your Facebook videos using an app or any other.

  • On your Facebook app or the website, open the live video Facebook you want to download.
  • Click the share button and then tap  Copy Link
  • Open the video downloader on your chosen website.
  • On the video downloader website, locate where you can have your copied URL pasted and paste it. 
  • As usual, you would be given an option to select the quality you would like your video downloaded in

How to Download Facebook live videos using the Facebook Website

On the Facebook website, 

  • Go to the video you want to download and open it.
  • Simply copy the link in the URL bar
  • Open a trustworthy website in a browser that supports downloading. Unfortunately, Chrome and Safari don’t support downloading except Firefox.
  • Paste the link in the space provided and click  Download
  • After that, a next page would appear to help you decide what quality you want your video downloaded in,  tap and hold onto the quality you want. Can either be normal or HD.
  • Choose  Download Link in Firefox or any other similar name in your browser
  • Then go to your browser’s download section usually located on the top-right on an iPad and located on the bottom-right on an iPhone. Once there, tap on the video and choose ‘Save Video’
  • Go to your camera roll in Photos on your IOS device and voila! The video will appear right there.
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how to download facebook live videos

It may seem a little fuzzy but with patience, you would be able to download the video you want so bad.

How to download Facebook live videos on Android

Here’s what to do to download Facebook live videos on Android devices:

  • Open the Facebook app or the website and find the video you want to download. • Tap Share and afterward Copy Link In the URL bar from the website.
  • Go to a browser that allows you to download. Chrome, for example, is one of the most popular Android browsers.
  • If you’re using Chrome, paste the link at where you ought to and click Download. 
  • After, click the quality either normal or HD you want.
  • If you’re using Chrome, paste the link where it asks you to and clicks Download.
  • After, click the quality either normal or HD you want
  • Download the Link in Chrome, Save the Video in Firefox, or similar in your browser
  • Afterward, the video will be saved in your Downloads folder. Check your browser settings for save location, if it’s not in there, check downloads.

While at it, check out Affluence to find out how you can grow your social media. If you have any questions on how to download Facebook live videos, we are just a click away.