Facebook is one widely used networking site at the moment. It hosts millions of users posting different types of content each day. Be it a photo, video, collab post, or anything, it can hit the world and become viral soon. Found something of the sort and want to know how to download Facebook videos? Read on!

Videos on Facebook 

We often come across different videos on the newsfeed. Some of them often intrigue you so much that you might want to see them again. You may not have the time to enjoy it at the moment. In that case, you can just download them and save them to your devices. Well, you can enjoy several other advantages too when downloading a Facebook video.

How To Download Facebook Videos

  • The creator might delete the video but you still have a copy of it to enjoy the video later.
  • A poor network can spoil the thrill. So, you can watch the downloaded video without buffering.
  • You might miss the profile that posted the video and cannot find it again. Downloading it instantly can help avoid this hassle.

Several other benefits await everyone looking for how to download Facebook videos. Naturally, we found various users searching for ways to view their favorite videos offline. But before that, ensure that you don’t download some malware on the pretext of getting a video. It can depend on the chosen source too, and we’ll discuss it below. Let’s get ahead!

Downloading Facebook videos 

As said above, downloading a video on Facebook comes with a lot of advantages. You can enjoy the video whenever you want to and on any device. Nothing like buffering, network issues, or anything that can interrupt or pause your video. So, here’s how to download Facebook videos in different ways:

  1. On a desktop or laptop

Downloading any video on Facebook is possible in different ways. You can either do it on a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone too. However, you’ll first need a source to download it. Well, the source here is not the video. Instead, it is a platform through which you can get the Facebook video offline. Anyone can view the videos offline by downloading them through a website or an app. Read on!

A site: 

One best and easiest way to download a Facebook video is through any website. You’ll come across hundreds of websites for the same. You can pick any of them but, just ensure that they are free of any malware. Moreover, there might be a slight difference in the process based on the website you chose. Generally, you can follow these steps for downloading Facebook videos through a website:

  • Navigate to the video you wish to download and right-click on it.
  • Tap on the Copy URL option from the menu to copy the video’s URL link.
  • Now, head to the website you chose. Paste the copied link into the space provided there.
  • Most websites ask you to choose the video’s download quality. Pick the desired video quality and hit the download button.

Usually, the downloaded videos appear in your device’s default download folder. But some websites allow you to change the path and save the download in a different folder. You can check for this and other customizations too, based on the chosen source.

To applications: 

How To Download Facebook Videos

Another way to easily download any Facebook video is through an application. Like websites, you can find various apps helping you get the required content from Facebook. Moreover, these apps come in different versions and are available in different stores, like Windows Store, App Store, etc. You can pick the required app and get it based on your device’s compatibility.

  • Pick an app of your choice and download it through the Store on your device.
  • Head to the video to be downloaded and copy its URL by right-clicking on the video.
  • Now, open the app you chose to get the video. Paste the URL link in the appropriate place.
  • You can customize the video’s download quality before hitting the download button.
  • Tap the Download or Save option and find the video on your device.

Both the methods mentioned above work for both Windows and iMac devices. They also work for Linux and other Operating Systems. There might be a slight difference in the download process based on the app or website chosen. However, you can still find the video on your devices after its download.

Usually, the video’s quality may vary anywhere between 144p and 2K resolution. The file’s size would vary based on its quality. So, you can pick the quality based on the space available on your device too. Or, you can just stick to your preference for clarity.

  1. On a Smartphone or Tablet 

You don’t have a special method for downloading Facebook videos on your smartphone. You can just stick to the above two methods and get the video through a website or an app. There is a little glitch when a Facebook likes through an app.

The app chosen for the purpose should match your smartphone or tablet’s requirements. So, find the appropriate app version on the App Store or Google Play Store. Again, the process would be a little different based on the chosen source. Generally, you can follow the process we’ve listed above.

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